How to Draw Perfect Eye Lines

Eye lines are the eternal makeup classics. In addition, this summer, eye lines are in trend – judging by how often they were seen on the catwalk. It is not easy to draw eye lines, but almost everyone dreams of learning to do it. In this review, we will try to give advice on how to do so, by what means and what mistakes to avoid.

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Why are eye lines so popular? The answer is simple – they are universal. The eye lines are appropriate almost everywhere – in the office, on a date, at a party. Besides, they suit women of any age and even visually make a person younger. And the eye lines help adjust the shape of an eye.

Which Eyeliners to Use?

Today there is a great choice of eyeliners. Each of them has some pros and cons.

Liquid Eyeliners

Thanks to an eyeliner, you will get the most accurate and consistent eye line. When selecting an eyeliner, note the brush: long and soft is suitable for fine lines, hard (like a pen) – for wide ones.


Gel Eyeliner

The package with the eyeliner usually contains a brush. It should be beveled and synthetic with a short hair span. It is very convenient for drawing a perfect eye line. Gel eyeliner helps to vary color brightness and line width as you like. Besides, it is rather easily corrected, unlike liquid eyeliner that dries almost immediately.



Pencils are easy to use, and they allow you to mix several shades. It is easier to draw a thin line with a solid pencil. The soft one is used for a broader and more vivid line, as well as the inner eyelid and shading. The minus of this pencil is that it is quickly erased. If you choose it, look for the most lasting version.

eye pencil


It is the most convenient option for beginners. All thanks to a stiff brush. However, a marker dries quickly.

marker eye makeup

Eye Lines & Eye Shape

We have already mentioned that an eyeline can help adjust the shape of the eye. To do this, it is important to choose not only a tool to create it, but most importantly – the form of the eye line.

  • All kinds of eye lines suit amond-shaped eyes.
  • Those who have round eyes can consider the following option: beginning from mid-eye, slightly lift up the eyeline for a wider line, then gradually sharpen it.
  • The same eye lines will suit eastern eyes. Only slightly lift the tip of the arrow upwards, departing from the outer corner.
  • If the outer corners of your eyes are lowered or you have heavy eyelids, choose thin eye lines.
  • With the help of eye lines you can also visually enlarge small eyes – use light shades of an eyeliner and draw a line with an extended tip.

Tips on How to Draw Eyelines

Before you draw an eye line, decide on its tip. Draw an imaginary line from the middle of the lower eyelid to the outer corner of the eye. The tip of the eye line should be a continuation of this line. And the length of the line depends on your desire.


Now you can start drawing:

  • The main rule is to draw the eye line on an open eye.
  • For an even and symmetrical eye line, mark its line first with small pencil strokes. The line should be as close to the edge of the eyelashes as possible.
  • To make it easier to draw the tip of the eye line, put a small dot with a pencil where you plan to draw it.
  • Next draw a contour with an eyeliner, starting from the center of the eyes and moving to the outer corner. While doing this, look in the mirror in front of you, and not to the side.
  • Fill any remaining gaps along the edge of the eyelashes edge.


Makeup Artists’ Secrets

  • Eye lines make a strong focus on the eyes, so the area around them should be perfect. Do not forget about the corrector and concealer.
  • Align the surface of the eyelids and make the eye line more clear and persistent with the help of skin-tone eyeshadow or translucent powder, applied before the eyeliner.
  • It is better to draw eye lines leaning with your elbow on the table or any stable surface.
  • It is more convenient to draw an eye line, pulling the outer corner of the eyelid to the temple.
  • For correcting an eye line, you can use cotton swabs soaked in makeup remover. The same tool can be used to wet a hard eyeliner brush. The main thing is to act quickly, as the eyeliner dries very fast

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