Scientists Have Determined the Best Physical Exercise


Scientists from the University of San Diego, US, have determined the best physical exercise. They say we have to walk for half an hour every day making 100 steps per minute. Doing this kind of walking every day will provide moderate intensity physical activity, BBC News reports.

Fitness Walking

To achieve this conclusion, scientists monitored the health condition of volunteers in the experiment where they were walking on a treadmill. The experiment involved 97 men and women without any serious health conditions. The average age of volunteers was at 32 years of age.

It turned out that for men the rate of 92-102 steps per minute meets moderate-intensity guideline. Under this many steps heart muscle starts working with moderate intensity. For women, this rate accounts for 91-115 per minute.

Scientists do not encourage beginners to dash into walking at the rate of 100 steps per minute during half an hour immediately. Start with 1000 steps per 10 minutes and then advance gradually to reach a rate of 3000 steps per minute.

Physical exercises are the key to healthy lifestyle and brisk walking at a certain rate is the best start for those who want to keep fit and healthy. However, even though the rate of 100 steps per minute is considered moderate intensity physical exercise, scientists advise on consulting with a doctor or fitness instructor before you begin. People with poor health or weight problems are more likely to take off with lower rate.

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