How to Make Your Breasts Beautiful with Exercises


As centuries pass by, the standards of a beautiful bosom have changed a number of times, today a perfect bust is considered the one with a shape that remains the same no matter what movements your body performs. Hence, a beautiful bosom is considered the one with high breasts, regardless of their size; the main point of a beautiful bust is its tone. The perfect workout for improving the tone and appearance of your breasts is swimming, the second alternative, in case there is no way to practice this sport, is to see a fitness trainer or do some simple but effective exercises, which will help you strengthen the pectoral muscles by yourself.


Exercise 1 for Beautiful Breasts. Pressure

Applying pressure is the simplest exercise for your bust. Stand tall facing the wall, lean against it with your hands. Press against the wall as hard as you can, as if you want to move it, keep on pushing for 10 seconds. Relax, shake your hands. Do a set of 10 repetitions.

Exercise 2 for Beautiful Breasts. Elbows Touch

Stand tall, bend your hands slightly in the elbows, keep your hands on your hips. Try to touch your elbows one to the other behind your back, do not do it in jerks, but rather do it slowly, stretching the muscles for 10-15 seconds. Repeat 8 times.

Exercise 3 for Beautiful Breasts. Palms Pressing

The next exercise for beautiful breasts is as follows: join your palms in front of the chest and press them hard against each other for 3-5 seconds. Repeat 8-10 times.

Exercise 4 for Beautiful Breasts. “Dry” Breast-Stroke

If you can not go to a swimming pool, do this effective exercise to improve the tone of your breast. Stand tall, nestle up to the wall, squeeze the pectoral muscles and make movements, as if you are breast-stroke swimming. Do a hundred slow strokes, keep your pectoral muscles tense all the time.

Finishing Exercises for Beautiful Breasts with Posture Exercise

The best way to finish this set of exercises for your bust is to do an exercise which targets your posture. Pick up a heavy book, put it on your head and walk around the house for a few minutes like that, trying to keep it as a crown. This will help you relax the muscles effectively and give them the necessary working tone. If you can not walk like that, at least try standing with the book on your head. You can hold on to a chair or the wall, but do not lean against the wall.

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  1. hello, im poppy
    i really really really need help, i have veins on both my breasts and im only 12, almost 13.  i have searched about this and have found the reason why i have them, its due to rapid expansion of the breats in early puberty,  and i have seen a way to get rid of them, by using vitamin k and self(fake)tanner, but as i am only 12 i dont think i should do that, does anyone know another way?? there must be one, i know it.  i know i shouldnt be worried about it since im only 12, and its not like im going to have sex anytime soon, but its embarrasing when wearing lowcut clothes, and bikinis, im very self concious about this and would appreciate any help soooo much.
    thank youxx

    • Hi Poppy I suggest you talk to your mom, and your doctor or school nurse about it. I’m sure its not as bad as you think and it could simply be because you are fair skinned. Its likely you will grow out of it within the year. If its really bad, your mom can help you find a good foundation that matches your skin tone that you can use to temporarily cover the veins but I would get your mom’s help because sometimes makeup can make it look worse. As an aside, Vitamin K is another name for potassium and a good source of potassium is bananas. If you eat one a day you may see some improvement over time, it certainly can’t hurt as bananas are also good for you.

  2. Hii i m dlas n i m 25 yrs old .. Mybreast size is 42 c …. and its hanging due to imbalaance in weight gain n loss. Pls suggest me to decreaset he size of my breast …. N tighten it … Also i have created lumps of fats  underneath my arms and breast area .. Which is very embarassing … Please suggest

  3. hi. my name is sandy.. and i am 23 years old my bust are very small.. so plz tell me what can i do.. i am about to be engaged.. i am scared what i am not perfect for guy.. 
        plz help me

    • Give yourself credit
      for being normal in both physicality and thought. And stop worrying. A guy who loves you will accept you as you are and be happy… if HE is normal. If not, look out, trouble ahead. john, pennsylvania

  4. Your guy will be happy with what you have. That does not mean you can’t improve. There are many simple and non costly ways of doing it. Check in to the herbs that are helpful. also some exercise is helpful. Go to the natural breast forums with Amy and a lot of information is on this site. hope this helps some. You can do it. Just takes time.

  5. hi my name is wasia
    iam 23yrs old my brest size is 38 Iwant to reduse my size my breas is suggy i want tight rounded them kindily suggest .me some exercise n videos of exercise thnx

  6. hiiii….my breast is too small..and i am 24 yrs old….plzzz suggest me any idea or exercise..or any tonic..or make my breast more firm and attractive…..pllllzzzzz help me….

  7. Hi,my age 24,my breast very large and loose,my bra size 36, i want breast tight,small breast,pl help me,pl

  8. My breast got smaller after I had my bby  then they were befor 
    I got pregnate. They are jus squishy not firm an
    One is about half the size of the other. It’s very
    Embarrassing can u please help

  9. hi im marry im 19 my breast is in very nice size but it s not frim i need som lifting exersise tnx

  10. Hi, madam my age 29
    ,my breast very large and loose,my bra size 36, i want breast tight,small breast,pl help me,pl

  11. I’m 14 and I started puberty at 12 and my boobs are a 32A. Will they get any bigger?? I want them to get to a C cup at least.

  12. These are the amazing tips for perfect shape breasts but alot of time i tried tight bra to not loose the shape but all of the time i got pain wearing those tight bra. These exercise will definitely going to work to make beautiful breast shape as i already tried some of the exercise and now i will definitely going to implement all of these exercises.

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