Woman's Libido Peak Day Revealed

It is always possible to find place and time for sex. Some time ago, the scientists even discovered the best day of the week for it. It was found that the vast majority of women reached their sexual peak at about 11 p.m. on Saturday.


A special study was conducted not so long ago in the UK. It showed that at least three quarters of women were satisfied with their sex life. Meanwhile, the majority of women blamed the stressful pace of life and lack of free time for their problems with libido.

However, it turns out that the degree of satisfaction depends on where you live. In the South-West and in Scotland, 82 % of women are quite happy with their sex life. In Ireland, not more than 30% are sexually satisfied. On average, 42% of the women living in Ireland make love more than three times a week. Among those who live in London, this number reaches 33%, and among the women living in Wales – 29%. According to the study, the coming of menopause is affected by the state of the immune system.

Britain is famous for its capricious weather. It is not accidental that 40% of the survey participants call their climate guilty of the inability to derive full pleasure from sex.

Last year, the representatives of the London School of Economics found out that the best time for lovemaking was Thursday morning. The current study proves that a woman’s libido can reach the highest point at 11 p.m. on Saturday.

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