Why Bath Salts Cause Drug Addiction

Bath salt is dangerous for people’s health, as stated by the experts from American Association of Poison Control Centers.

Bath products

The doctors’ concern is caused by the side effects which appear after taking a bath with such salts. According to the scientists, they include heightened blood pressure, rapid pulse, overexcitement, and hallucinations. Accompanied by paranoia and amnesia.

The scientists stress that bath salts were used by some quick-minded drug addicts as a substitute for cocaine. In such cases, there developed a severe craving for the product likened to the effect of using methamphetamine. The reason lies in the fact that bath salt contains the chemical substance of methylenedioxypyrovalerone (MDPV). This chemical compound is not recommended for medical use in the USA.

By late December, 85 cases of intoxication with this substance used in bath salts have been recorded by the experts in the state of Louisiana.

Source of the image: Petition4fairtransport.

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