Which Supplements for Hair Growth Work?

If your hair has lost its original beauty and luster, it is necessary to take drastic measures. As a rule, all sorts of innovative shampoos and masks are ineffective, especially in problematic cases. Experts advise to pay attention to various supplements with vitamins that can normalize the structure of the hair, working from the inside.


Today the range of dietary supplements for hair is quite wide. And one can easily get confused among their variety. What are the most popular vitamin supplements worthy of attention and which one should be careful with?


This is one of the most known additives for hair, which contains vitamin C, silicon dioxide, and fish protein. It comes originally from Scandinavia. The world’s leading dermatologists often recommend it to their patients. According to their observations, it helps to restore the initial thickness of the hair and normalize its growth. One must use this product twice a day for about three months. This additive will save the hair weakened after coloring or improper care; besides, it will also help to regain luxurious hair after serious operations.


This additive copes with the problem of brittle hair and nails due to vitamins H and V. The effectiveness of biotin has been confirmed by many people who use it. It restores the sebaceous glands, normalizes blood sugar, and reduces hair breaking. However, one should not take this vitamin excessively, otherwise you may receive dermatitis, anemia, depression, insomnia and muscle pain.

Vitamin D

This so-called “solar” vitamin is essential for many body functions, including the health of the hair. It helps regulate its growth cycle. That is why many people take it, hoping for speedy results. But this is not so simple. Experts believe that it is quite difficult to calculate the required daily amount of the vitamin. However, it may be used as part of vitamin complexes.


Saw Palmetto

This herbal remedy has recently appeared on the shelves of local stores. It is derived from the fruit of the American dwarf pine. The manufacturer promises that this supplement will not only help stimulate hair growth, but also return its shine and strength. Indeed, most of the patients who used this extract showed significant improvement, although there are people whom this supplement does not help.

Vitamin A

This antioxidant is essential for skin, hair, and nails. It is actively involved in the regeneration process of the skin and the formation of immunity. When receiving this vitamin, it is important to calculate the correct amount of its daily oral intake because an overdose can be fatal. It is fat soluble, which means that the substances your body does not use will be accumulated in tissues.

But it can be dangerous to the liver, leading to nausea and fatigue. Because of an overdose of the vitamin, hair will not grow rapidly, but on the contrary it will start to fall. You should not overuse it by any means; when buying this vitamin read the label very carefully. Best of all, consult your doctor before taking it in order to avoid negative consequences.

B vitamins and iron

Vitamins B6, B12 and folic acid help regenerate red blood cells, which in turn will contribute to the delivery of nutrients and oxygen to the body cells. Hair growth will accelerate in this case. Iron, which can be obtained from shrimp, beans, egg yolks and lean beef, pork, turkey and chicken, helps the development of red blood cells.

Vitamin B12 can be obtained by incorporating skim milk, seafood or salmon into your daily diet. Beans, greens, nuts, meat and grains are the source of vitamin B6. Folic acid is found in soybeans, lentils and any greenery. Do not forget about proteins that are useful for the whole body.

Healthy lifestyle is mandatory

Whatever it is, no additive will help you by 100%, unless you live a healthy lifestyle. First of all, you need a healthy diet full of useful products. Give up fast food, fried and fatty dishes and alcohol. If you smoke, try to forget about this habit. Most people walk in the fresh air because oxygen is vital for the hair and the whole body. Consult with a qualified doctor what kind of vitamins you need at this stage.

Pay more attention to your health because beauty is largely dependent on the general state of the organism. It is worth remembering that vitamin supplements are not a panacea, but merely an additive.