What Causes Bad Body Smell?

Each and every one of us has their own unique smell, and this is normal. But sometimes intense smells become a problem. What can cause a bad body smell?

You are experiencing a hormonal failure

Sweat glands are most active during the teenage period, and this is not surprising: the body is changing and growing up. There comes another period of change in the life of every woman, when she has menopause. Since the amount of estrogen (female sex hormone) drops at that moment, the brain often takes this as a sign that the body is overheated. Therefore, sweat (as a natural way to “refresh”) is a frequent companion of menopause.

You eat the wrong food

Of course, the concept of “right” food is different for everyone (celebrities have their own understanding of what is acceptable and what is unimaginable), but if we are talking about body smells, the main enemies of a pleasant smell are, of course, onions and garlic. They can influence your smell for 24 hours. Surprisingly, eggs, broccoli, and red meat can also do this (a little less obviously). By the way, some diets also affect our bodies. A low carbohydrate diet can (temporarily) change your usual smell.

You drink a lot of alcohol

Well, it is impossible not to name alcohol among the causes of an unpleasant body odor. Alcohol really changes our own smell, making it more acidic.

You are under stress

Scientists have long come to the conclusion: a stressful odor is the most unpleasant one a person can produce, and it is completely unlike the smell that the body has during the heat. While overheating or playing sports, eccrine glands are activated. In the case of psychological pressure, completely different apocrine glands are involved.

During an uncomfortable situation, the body literally goes crazy: the heart muscle contracts faster, the impulse commands are also accelerated, which is why the palms become literally wet like sponges or sticky at the time of overstrain, the face grows pale, and the knees tremble.

American researchers generally believe that individuals scare other people away with the help of such a smell – being near a smelly person is not very pleasant. It looks like a skunk trying to find protection from predators. The beauty industry has invented a lot of odor control products (of various origins): from familiar antiperspirants to aroma sprays and even Botox injections.

You have health problems

People with diabetes, diseases of the thyroid gland, liver, or kidneys also sometimes have a different smell (in particular, because of diabetes it even becomes sweetish). If you are doubtful as to your health, first exclude the “forbidden foods” from the diet (they are written above). If the smell is still not the one you’re used to, consult a doctor.

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