Hottest Fashion Trend: Bermuda Shorts

Every summer season, shorts become a must-have, but this year stylists offer to abandon the usual denim mini-shorts and choose loose Bermuda shorts. Elongated shorts have been shown in the spring-summer collections of Bottega Veneta, Chanel, Max Mara, and others, and a little later they appeared in the wardrobes of street style stars.

Those who spend the hottest summer days in the office choose cotton models, but this season the freedom of choice is even bigger: along with the usual Bermuda shorts, stylists suggest trying on leather or denim shorts.

This model can easily replace jeans or trousers: Bermuda shorts look perfect with strict jackets, universal cotton shirts, loose T-shirts, and crop tops. By the way, you can safely be inspired by the image of Julia Roberts from the movie “Pretty Woman”.

Some bloggers make trendy Bermuda shorts on their own: just cut off their boring jeans. If you decide, you need an uneven hem: it’s better to “fluff” it a little and let the threads go loose.

By the way, the first Bermudas appeared in the 19th century thanks to the British military. In the tropical climate of the Bermuda archipelago, they were too hot, so they decided to shorten their trousers. For a long time, women used to wear Bermuda shorts only on vacation, but in the 1990s and the noughties they “went out” to city streets and offices.