How Much Is a Full Body Wax? The Average Prices Explained

Let’s talk about something uncomfortable—both literally and figuratively. Full body waxing. While most of us don’t look forward to waxing, when it’s done by a reliable professional, it’s worth the pain for convenience and efficiency. But you should never overpay for a full-body wax.

Beautician waxing female legs in spa center

So, how much is a full body wax?

The real answer is—it depends. Keep reading to learn all about full-body wax prices.

How Much is a Full Body Wax?

Full body wax includes hair removal from your upper and lower legs, arms, under-arms, lower stomach, bikini area, and the lower back. If you are interested in a full body wax you should ensure that all of these areas will be tended to.

If you are re-thinking the total body wax situation, you can usually purchase waxing sessions for each of these areas separately. The cost of just one area will usually be significantly less than the full body experience, but all salons and waxing facilities are a bit different.

While there is a general range of pricing for full body waxing, the cost may vary based on a few major factors. Take a look at the list below for a few quick tips on full body waxing prices.

1. Location

Depending on where you live and the type of facility you visit, the price of a full-body wax differs. If the facility is part of a larger spa, you are likely going to pay more than an independent waxing facility, especially if the spa offers access to common areas like a sauna or jacuzzi.

The cost can also vary by location based on the supplies and equipment being used. Higher-end facilities use higher-end supplies and equipment, so you can expect to pay more at those locations.

Additionally, as with other businesses, popular locations, or locations in major cities are going to charge more for body waxing. While a small town spa may charge $15-$20, a big city location could charge $100 or more.

2. Qualifications of Cosmetologist or Esthetician

The qualifications and experience of the professional doing the waxing can affect the price of your full body wax.

Training facilities where cosmetologists or estheticians are still learning the technique and practicing will often discount their prices. This doesn’t necessarily mean they won’t do a good job, but it’s one thing to consider as you weigh quality and price.

You will always pay more for a more qualified and experienced cosmetologist.

4. Membership or Packages

Many facilities that offer waxing services have memberships or packages to help you save money. Many men and women have a regularly scheduled waxing appointment, so it make sense to buy more than one session at a discounted rate.

If you are now wondering how often should you wax, that is your personal decision.

However, if you are looking to have a full body wax or other waxing done more than once, you should ask the facility if they have any kind of savings for repeat customers. Many of them offer monthly, semi-annual, or annual packages at a lower rate.

An added benefit of regular waxing is that your hair will start to grow back slower and often thinner than it was before.

Let’s Talk Numbers

Now that you have an idea of where the variability in price comes from, let’s review some actual prices.

Generally speaking, you can expect to pay $150 or more for a full-body wax. A no-frills facility may charge around $125 – $150 while a high-end facility may charge upwards of $200.

The exact price will depend on the factors discussed above.
For men, body waxing prices are usually higher because they tend to have thicker hair which is harder to remove.

The price of a full body wax is usually less than the amount it would cost to pay for each individual area to be waxed.

If you are looking to buy an at-home waxing kit those can range from $25 to $100. The variability comes from the ingredients in the product and any associated equipment needed.

Why Pay for Full Body Waxing?

Now that you know the prices you may be skeptical if you really want to go through with this whole full body waxing experience. Here are a few of the reasons that full body waxing is so popular.

1. Uniform Hair Removal

When you wax the entire body at one time all the hair is removed uniformly.

If you make separate appointments for different areas of the body you risk having the appearance of uneven hair growth. Not to mention that scheduling and going to several different appointments is not as convenient as an all-in-one appointment.

While the hair may not grow back at exactly the same rate, you can expect that your full body wax it will last up to six weeks.

2. Saving Money

While the price of full body waxing may seem high, consider the alternative – paying for each body part sepe=arately at different times, Ultimately, the cost of each of those appointments will amount to more money than you would spend on just one full body wax appointment.

3. Better Results

It is probably no secret that waxing is a more efficient method of hair removal than shaving. If you go to an experienced technician you can be assured of quality results.

While you can buy at-home waxing kits, the results are usually less desirable especially the first few times you try it.

Get Your Wax On

Hopefully, you can now confidently answer the question, how much is a full body wax and explain a few of the reasons why prices vary.

When looking for a location for a full-body wax, be sure to do your research, read reviews, ask friends for recommendations and take a look at the facility before you commit to paying for the services.

And as always be sure to follow all the pre and post waxing care guidelines.

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