Unreasonable Cleanliness May Cause Diseases

Sterility in the RoomPursuit of cleanliness is an asset. But too much water drowned the miller, as they say. Scientists found that chasing dirt may increase the risk of various diseases. According to statistical data, there was a sharp increase in type 1 diabetes among children for the last 5 years. Scientists have been unable to explain the upsurge for a long time until they finally found the link between the diabetes in kids and their parents’ unreasonable pursuit of cleanliness.

Studies show some bacteria and viruses that live in the air provide a kind of “tempering” to our body. They make children’s bodies develop immune proteins, which lowers the risk of diseases in future. One of these bacteria is turned out to prevent type 1 diabetes.

The lack of this bacterium in the air can lead to allergies, asthma and other diseases related to weak immune system.

Experiments over laboratory mice supported the findings. Gnawers who grew under bacteria free conditions were 80% more likely to suffer from various diseases than mice placed into regular environment.

I don’t mean to say you should throw your vacuum cleaner away or let dirty dishes pile in a sink to temper your body – that will only make a breeding ground for bacteria and viruses. Just make sure your house in not totally sterile.

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