Treat Vacation Syndrome

Man and Woman on VacationHurrah! Finally vacation! But why do you have a sore throat? And the blood pressure has got so high and this diarrhea… This is called the vacation syndrome. It occurs due to the alteration of the psyche some days before vacation. About 60% of all grown-up population suffers from this disorder. But fortunately, it’s possible to prevent it. Here’s how.

Get Ready for Vacation

First of all, you need to prepare your body morally for the rest: let yourself as much relaxation as possible the last days before vacation. There’s no way for you to work in a frantic rush trying to perform all your great deal of duties simultaneously and solve all the problems.

No Work during Vacation

Never think about your work during vacation. Your brain should relax – just have your rest! But it doesn’t mean sleeping too long, as one can’t accumulate the sleep, but can easily upset the usual sleep and wakefulness regimen. But this recommendation has nothing to do with siesta (sleep in the early afternoon), as it is highly recommended to build up the strength and calm down the nervous system.

Relax to the Max

But the main recipe of the good vacation is to do absolutely everything you like: eliminate communication with annoying people, eat whatever you like and have as much fun as you want. In short, relax to the max. This will let you feel good, free and healthy long after vacation.

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