Teeth Whitening Is Harmful for Eyes and Skin

Woman with White TeethDo you want to have snow white smile? Teeth whitening is one of the most sought after dental procedures today. But choosing UV-light tooth bleaching damages not only your teeth but also jeopardizes the health of your eyes and skin, according to UK scientists from Royal Chemical Society. The treatment is as damaging as sunbathing in the middle of the summer without any protection from the sun. Trying to get Hollywood glittering show white smile you actually get four times that level of radiation exposure.

Fair-skinned or light-sensitive people are exposed even to greater risk, said lead author Ellen Bruzell from the Nordic Institute of Dental Materials. Besides, dentists found that teeth whitening damaged teeth, resulting in grooves on the enamel. It makes teeth more vulnerable to stress when we chew food. Tooth bleaching is one of the most popular cosmetic dental procedures today. The treatment uses bleaching agents – hydrogen peroxide as a rule – to remove stains on enamel from tea, coffee, red wine and cigarettes. UV-light is more effective to activate the oxidation process meaning better bleaching results, but dentists say the treatment brings no benefit to teeth health.

Source of the image: mygeneraldentist.com.