Tea with Honey Prevents Eye Problems

It helps maintain the health of those who spend all day in front of the screen. Doctors advise such people to drink up to three cups, but no more, every day.


According to doctors, honey-lovers’ eyes are better protected from the harmful effects of the computers. Especially useful for eyes is a cup of tea with sweet clover or white honey, the scpecialists believe. Such tea best helps the eyes to withstand computer radiation and to relieve fatigue.

Doctors remind that when working at the computer you must always give yourself a break. Such rest is necessary after every working hour at the computer, and the pause should last for at least 20 minutes. During such a break it is just good to drink a cup of tea with honey. Sweet clover honey is useful for respiratory diseases, colds, headaches, insomnia, and heart diseases. It extends coronary blood vessels, improves blood circulation, reduces edemata of cardiac origin, stabilizes blood pressure. White honey is recommended to people with diseases of the cardiovascular and nervous systems: it relieves stress and tension, fights insomnia, and improves metabolism.

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