5 Breakup Survival Tips

The author of the book Breakup Bible – Rachel Sussman – gives advice to the girls who are trying to survive a breakup.

Dieting and drinking alcohol

1. Delete Ex-Boyfriend’s Phone Number

Erase his phone number from your mobile, Rachel Sussman says. But only if you’re sure that your relationship is really coming to an end. Otherwise you’ll take to a favorite game of all expansive girls that are doing it once a week. However, if you remember his number by heart, this trick will not work. And then you’ll need help.

2. Ask Your BFF for Help

Make a deal with a close friend that whenever you have an urge to dial the cherished number, you’re going to call her, and she will try to dissuade you from a stupid act. If it does not help, just imagine how he grimaces, seeing your name on the display, and rejects the call with the words: “I’m fed up with her!” Such visualization is enough for the first couple of weeks. And this is the most critical period.

3. Don’t Drink Alcohol

No matter how great the temptation is to hang out in the bars with friends and take comfort in alcohol, make it a taboo for some time. Beer tears are a terribly vile thing. First, you feel sorry for yourself. And then there is an overwhelming desire to call him and tell everything that is on your heart. And then you get very ashamed of the fact that you made a fool of yourself again.

4. Unfriend Your Ex-Boyfriend

Delete him from the list of your friends on social networks. Even if you decide on keeping “warm and friendly relations.” However, in this case it is better to explain the reason: “I’m not doing this because I want to hurt you. Simply it hurts me every day to see your photos and recall how great it was together. ”

5. Take Your Time

Any traumatic event goes through several stages: shock, denial, anger, depression and acceptance. Until you go through all of these five steps, do not count on good relations with yourself and the world around you.

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