Psychologists Make People Bankrupt

The New Scientist magazine has published a list of the most popular mental disorders which are the major source of wasting money. The first place is taken by anxiety, followed by insomnia and depression.

Visiting doctor

About 165 million people, or about 38% of all the EU citizens, address their doctor with mental and neurological problems. At the same time, the treatment of such diseases in Europe is much more expensive than treating other diseases. The experts have estimated the sum of money that the Europeans spend to treat over 100 diseases, such as systematic sleep disorder, psychosis, migraine, and dementia. According to the results, the treatment of one European now costs more than 1.5 thousand euros per year. It is twice more than in 2005.

The experts predict that the Europeans will spend more money on treatment of depression, increased anxiety, or acquired dementia. But to prevent the deceases, money is needed. The experts have urged the EU governments to finance the programs connected with studying the diseases of the nervous system and psyche more actively.

Source of the image: Photl.

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