New Medical Condition: Busy Lifestyle Sundrome

Scottish psychologists have described a new modern disease which is called “a busy lifestyle syndrome” – the syndrome of employment.


The Italian popular science magazine Psicologia e Salute informs about it. The illness strikes those who are most prone to vanity, information overload, over-active lifestyle, and chronic lack of sleep.

The scientists claim that the syndrome of employment lies in the sudden memory lapses and general forgetfulness which is typical of not only mature, but more and more young people who belong to the so-called “active age” – between 25 and 40 years. The main reason, according to the experts, is that the brain of modern people desperately lacks rest. As you know, the tired brain will memorize and notice less.

Forgetfulness in young people is not a signal of problems with the brain – the experts stress in the pages of the magazine. If it is assumed to be normal that we regularly forget one-tenth of what is happening in our lives, then in the case of superactive lifestyles the part of “forgotten” information inevitably increases.

Source of the image: Photl.

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