Memory Improving Foods

BlueberriesLots of people experience memory problems during the fall and winter seasons because of the lack of energy. What can we do about it? The answer is simple. Eat more foods that help enhance the memory, such as spinach, blueberries and pumpkin seeds,  as well as lift our spirits and performance. Make sure you get at least one item from the list below into your daily diet to boost your memory.

Black Grape for the Better Brain Activity

Berries of black grape or black grape juice increase the levels of dopamine hormone that sharpens the memory and stimulates brain activity. Having a glass of juice in the morning and a cluster of mouth-watering berries for the evening dessert would make you handle whatever complex intellectual tasks.

Spinach to Prevent Memory Problems

Spinach contains lutein and some other antioxidants protecting brain cells from destruction. Spinach omelet makes a wonderful brain-protective breakfast meal. Hard wheat pasta with spinach is a perfect option for the early dinner.

Raisin to Activate the Brain

Raisins contain a barium compound that activates the memory and ensures the optimal body tone. It is a great idea to have it for lunch at work instead of chips and snacks.

Fatty Fish to Help Remember Everything

Fatty fish provides Omega-3 acids necessary for the normal functioning of the nervous system. Fish also contains iodine that improves intellectual ability.

Blueberry and Blackberry to Activate the Memory

Blueberry and blackberry activate the formation of grey matter in the brain area responsible for memory. Blackberry tea preserves all the health benefits of the berry. For the tea, pour boiling water over berries and let steep.

Black Currant to Make You Full of Energy

Black currant is a rich source of vitamin C known to make us think clearer and being vigorous.

Pumpkin Seeds to Stimulate Brain Activity

1/2 cup of pumpkin seeds makes an essential zinc portion that enhances the memory and accelerates the activity of the brain.

Liver to Calm down

Liver is a good source of the B vitamins. These vitamins ensure our vitality as well as improve the memory and reduce nervousness.