The Lover’s Path: Using Tarot to Find Your True Love

Many of us believe that the things that happen to us in life have a lot to do with fate and that many experiences and major events have already been mapped out for us.


It also has a lot to do with the fact that our personality traits and likes or dislikes are basically predetermined and in our soul when we arrive in the world, so it makes senses to use this information as a way of finding our true love.
Tarot cards have the ability to offer you an excellent opportunity for meeting your soul mate by treading the lover’s path and giving you the chance to true love by understanding what exactly it is that you are looking for in a relationship.

The how to find love tarot card spread

Matters of love are almost always at the top of the agenda when people consider a tarot card reading and there is a five card how to find love spread that will often provide you with the answers you are looking for.
The cards are used to define the key aspects of your life that need to be cultivated in order to successfully introduce a loving relationship into your life.
First Card is used to represent you and the current state of your love life, often focusing on the emotional aspects that are influencing where you are presently headed. Second Card is used as a representation of your behavioural patterns and how they are affecting your love life.
Third Card concentrates on the areas that you need to develop so that you greatly increase your prospects of finding true love. Fourth Card looks at areas of your life that will need to undergo change in order to successfully find a lasting romance. The Fifth Card is centred on identifying areas within your personality that you need to try and liberate or open up to so that love can find a way into your life.

Finding clarity

Tarot cards can help you to find absolute clarity and fully understand exactly what it is that you have to offer a prospective partner.
Having it clear in your mind through the help of the Tarot can really help you in your quest for love and this can be achieved by interpreting the information that is gained from each card. For example, you may draw the Seven of Pentacles, which signifies that you have abundant stamina and perseverance or if you happen to draw the Two of Pentacles, this would be a strong indication that your strengths are in being a great organiser and highly flexible when it comes to making date plans with your prospective new partner.

When the time is right

Tarot cards also have the ability to pinpoint exactly when you will find the relationship that is destined to change your life.
The cards use astrological timing methods and divinatory meanings which can greatly help to identify when the time is right and can also help you to identify what might be preventing you from finding the partner you are looking for who you can willingly share the future with.
Joyce Bradshaw has done extensive research into psychic and foretelling arts. With her insights and experience, she enjoys writing about the uses of such arts in everyday life. You can read more of her work at

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