Living Healthy Way of Life Is Never Too Late

Swedish researchers suggest that older people should think about their habits and give up any forms of addictive behavior.

Elderly woman

According to British Medical Journal, if one does it till the age of 75, the person can increase life expectancy by 5-6 years. This conclusion is based on an experiment, which involved 1,800 elderly people aged 75 years and more. The scientists had been watching them for 18 years. Many volunteers had died before the experiment was completed. However, some are still alive to this day. Half of the participants have lived to be over 90 years old.

It was found that longevity was predetermined by the following factors:

  1. gender (women live longer),
  2. educational level (high),
  3. recreation (active),
  4. lifestyle (healthy).

Moreover, even if the participants of the experiment turned to a healthy lifestyle after 75, apparently inspired by the experiment, it also demonstrated good results. The best results were seen in non-smokers and also in those who went in for swimming and gymnastics regularly.