LifeWave CEO David Schmidt Talks Detoxification in Recent Webinar

LifeWave, the well-known health technology company, has long been working to educate customers and partners about important considerations for staying well. These communications have not only touched on the company’s patented phototherapy patches, but also its information about additional concerns in this area. To this end, the company’s CEO, David Schmidt, recently opened up about an important topic in this space — detoxification. Below, we’ve recapped some of the key information from the business leader’s recent webinar. It provides not only a look at the importance of detoxification but also some actionable steps to work towards your detoxification goals.

What is Detoxification?

The first question that David Schmidt touches upon is “What is detoxification?” This is an important question to start with on this topic because there’s plenty of misunderstanding in this space and the field is sometimes prone to misinformation. As the LifeWave CEO notes, when the word is used in the company’s context, it’s typically used as an umbrella term. Rather than referring to one specific detoxification process, it usually refers to a host of concerns and processes that serve to rid the body of toxins it may have accumulated over time.

This is because, in the modern world, we inevitably come into contact with toxins through our daily life. Many of these elements are incorporated into the body and can persist for extended periods of time. In doing so, these toxins can have negative effects on our physical and mental health and can cause a host of significant issues. By engaging in detoxification activities, we are better able to clear these toxins from our systems and create better health for ourselves.

The business leader highlighted a few of the most significant concerns in this space during his talk. These include heavy metals, herbicides, plastics, drugs, parasites, and fungal toxins. Some of these toxins can be stored in fat, which can cause them to persist for extended periods of time, while others can be stored in major organs, causing interference to that organ’s primary duties. These toxins can cause such harm through their accumulation that the company founder spent time detailing each one and some of the strategies that can be used to address them.

Heavy Metal Toxins

The first type of specific toxins that the LifeWave founder and CEO talked about was heavy metals. We encounter these toxins from a variety of sources in our day-to-day lives, including from food, cans, paint, batteries, and many more items of daily use. Because of their commonality in the modern world, these toxins can be especially prevalent in the body and can cause a host of serious health concerns. One particularly worrying school of thought pointed out by David Schmidt notes that aluminum accumulation in the body has been identified as a potential cause of Alzheimer’s disease and other conditions of cognitive degeneration.

To address this type of toxicity, the CEO notes that individuals can turn to the power of glutathione and EDTA since they are both chelators. These elements can bond to metals and help remove them from tissue and pass them out of the body. They can be administered as a drip by a doctor and can be a workable first step for anyone looking to remove heavy metals from their system. He also notes that carnosine is a chelator as well and can be especially effective for removing aluminum from the body.

Herbicides and Pesticides

Another common source of toxicity can be the herbicides and pesticides that are widely used in agriculture. These chemicals can be deadly to plants and insects and they are often used in crops that are consumed by humans, provoking health concerns. Worryingly, some chemicals that have been banned for use in the U.S. are still being used in countries that grow food that is then shipped to this country. The LifeWave CEO notes in his webinar that this has provoked concerns that these chemicals can remain in the plants to which they are applied and can have negative health consequences for individuals who ingest them.

David Schmidt outlines a number of important strategies that can be employed to help eliminate these dangerous chemicals from the body. Many of these strategies are part of a good overall health strategy and are already recommended for other aspects of encouraging a healthy lifestyle. These strategies include drinking plenty of water, getting adequate exercise, and engaging in intermittent fasting. The CEO also recommends a number of supplements and additional nutritional components that can help to rid the body of these toxins, including milk thistle, glutathione, zeolite, and garlic. He also touches on the usefulness of oxygen therapies to help detoxify in this space.

Detoxifying Plastics

One common toxin is something that seems ever-present in the modern age — plastic. Our foods are wrapped in it, appliances and pieces of furniture are often made of it, and the substance is found in a seemingly endless array of objects with which we interact. This can be an issue because plastics have the tendency to accumulate in our bodies in alarming numbers. As the LifeWave founder notes, autopsies have shown microplastics in practically all major human organs.

The CEO notes that hydrogen peroxide and ozone can be effective at removing these plastics from our bodies. Ozone can be bubbled through water to temporarily trap it in the liquid. It can then be consumed so that it can enter our bodies and remove plastics. Procedures also exist whereby blood can be saturated with ozone and then placed back in the body where it can then have a similar effect. In the case of hydrogen peroxide, David Schmidt notes that care should be taken to ensure the concentration is adequately diluted, otherwise its consumption can be dangerous.


Drugs can also remain in the body as a toxin long after they are initially consumed, according to the LifeWave CEO. This is one of the reasons that pharmaceuticals can be especially toxic and are often not recommended if there’s a suitable alternative to be found. By persisting in the body, especially in fatty tissue, these drugs can have prolonged negative effects on the human body. The CEO’s recommendations in this area include some of the same approaches he recommends for herbicides and pesticides. This includes drinking plenty of clean water, fasting, the consumption of milk thistle, and glutathione treatments.


The CEO also touched on the harm that can be posed by parasites in the human body. While many people are not aware of the presence of such parasites, they can actually be widespread and can cause a range of health issues if not properly addressed.

David Schmidt recommends doing a parasite detox once a year and proceeding any liver detoxes with a parasite detox. He notes that these detoxes typically need to last up to four weeks to not only kill the parasites themselves, but also any eggs they may have laid. One type of detox he recommends in this space is to use pumpkin seeds, which are deadly to many forms of parasites. He recommends that individuals grind up a pound of pumpkin seeds and mix with honey until a paste is formed. This paste can then be eaten over the course of two to three days to help clear one’s system of parasites.

Fungal Infections

The final type of toxin discussed by the CEO in his webinar was fungal infections. These often show up on the skin and are therefore more readily identifiable than some of the other types of toxins. To address these toxins, he recommends the use of oregano oil, garlic, and tea tree oil. If oregano oil is used, he notes that it should be diluted, as concentrated oregano oil can be overly potent and can serve to damage skin if not used with caution.

Overarching Takeaways

At the end of his webinar, David Schmidt summed up his talk with some overarching takeaways that can be good to keep in mind for those interested in detoxification. He touched on the importance of drinking clean water, preferably distilled with added minerals. He also touched on the importance of engaging in detoxification regularly, preferably at least once a year. He also noted that the benefits of these types of detoxifications should be readily apparent, with many individuals experiencing improvements in energy and other health markers within weeks.

The webinar from LifeWave and its CEO goes to show the many considerations there are when seeking to rid one’s body of toxins. Though the company head emphasizes that he is not a medical doctor and that all topics from the webinar should be discussed with a health professional, the information at least provides a good jumping-off point for greater overall health. Consider the benefits of a detoxification regime in your own life to aim for that higher level of health and wellbeing for yourself.

Watch the webinar here.

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