Morning Rituals for a More Productive Day

Morning hours belong to the most important hours of the day, and how a person spends them by having certain morning rituals greatly influences his mood, productivity and success.

Many of us do not even realize how important the first minutes after waking up are – it is at this time that we tune the brain for efficiency and action during the day (or for inaction and passivity). Therefore, it is so important to think over pleasant morning rituals for yourself and try to adhere to them.

A smart positive message put into action helps to cope with tension, stress and accumulated negative emotions. In this case, any action in which you invest energy and which means to you a lot can become a ritual. Here are six morning habits that can help you tune in to your daytime activities and make your day productive.

Come up with a reason to wake up

A good way to start your morning is the “surprise” practice. Its essence lies in the fact that in the evening a person plans something pleasant for the morning – it can be a piece of cake waiting in the refrigerator, reading a favorite book, listening to a new track, going to breakfast in a cafe. Getting out of bed when something good is awaiting you is much easier.

Stand by the window

Sunlight is known to help the body produce melatonin and recharge. Just a few minutes spent at the window after waking up will help you gain energy and good mood for the whole day, especially if you can use this ritual to replace the obligatory scrolling of the news feed or reading messages in instant messengers and work mail immediately after getting out of bed.

If it is cloudy and raining outside the window, don’t be sad. Take advantage of this moment – at such a time it is very pleasant to drink coffee and admire the view from the window as well as make plans for the future and dream. After the rain, the air is very fresh, and walking to work or with the dog is very healthy!

Choose your favorite drink

Warm water with lemon or regular coffee in the morning is a long-boring ritual that can be replaced with a more unusual one. Explore the recipes and choose the one that suits your taste.

For example, people in India advise drinking coffee in the morning and adding a little pepper to it to enhance the tonic effect.

The Japanese demand to replace coffee with green tea with milk, explaining their choice by the fact that this drink is a source of vitamins and allows you to saturate the body with magnesium, phosphorus, carotene, and iron.

Americans advise putting lemon wedges in espresso – the recipe increases efficiency, strengthens the immune system and promotes weight loss. The choice is almost limitless, but the main thing is to find something that will delight you every morning.

“Undo” the negative things

As soon as you get out of bed, say to yourself: “I will cancel all the bad things and will have a great day today” and snap your fingers. It may sound silly, but it’s a simple and powerful ritual that works. It gives a feeling of harmony and happiness – clicking your fingers is a kind of signal for the brain, which helps to tune in to success and productivity.

You can also come up with your own morning ritual that sets you up for positivity and productivity.

Smile in the mirror

When you walk into the bathroom after waking up, be sure to smile at your reflection in the mirror – this simple step increases your self-confidence. It seems that this ritual is so primitive that its effectiveness is questionable, but daily smiling at your reflection and “real” facial expression is not as easy as it seems.

The essence of the technique is to find time for yourself and realize that you can “charge” your day on your own, with the help of just one smile.

Praise yourself

Take this as a daily rule – we all tend to be critical of ourselves, thereby lowering our self-esteem and forgetting about our merits and achievements, as a result of which the level of internal tension increases and the balance of energy is disturbed.

To avoid this, try to praise yourself for any (even the most insignificant) achievements. Each person has their own achievements. For some, getting up for a run at 5 am is a victory, while others can spend a few minutes without a smartphone in their hands after waking up.

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