Gifts for art lovers? We have the best ideas!

What do we think of when we hear the word “art”? Definitely, museums where, at a proper distance, we can marvel at both famous masterpieces and works of lesser-known artists in peace and quiet. For avid art enthusiasts, admiring unique artworks is a part of life as essential as breathing. We’d like to share with you a few clever ideas that will bring the most beautiful paintings within your arm’s reach. Here are some perfect gift ideas for a real art lover!

Classic or modern art? Figurative or maybe abstract? And what about the gift? Something practical or decorative? A small souvenir or a grand present? Our suggestions include many different inspirations, so you’ll definitely find something suitable for your loved one. When looking for a perfect gift, think about the character of the person it is intended for. Everybody experiences art differently. Instead of following your own sense of beauty, imagine how your loved one would react to a given design. If there’s one thing you don’t have to worry about, it’s a limited choice. There are so many possibilities, it might be difficult to decide on just one. Without further ado, let’s jump into the list of gifts ideas we’ve prepared for you!

Reproductions – your personal masterpieces

Every art enthusiast has their favorite artists. Sometimes it’s just one name, other times it could be a broad array of painters representing completely different styles. If you know which artists are among your friend’s favorites, a great idea for a gift will be a painting print on canvas showing a reproduction (a faithful copy) of that artist’s work. It will allow them to enjoy the sight of a renowned masterpiece every day, without leaving their home. Furthermore, a painting like this can add more character to any interior arrangement. After all, eye-catching design is the fastest way to refresh a room. You can go for a cubist composition by Pablo Picasso, a surrealist vision by Salvador Dali, or an impressionist landscape by Claude Monet – it all depends on your friend’s artistic tastes. However, you should also consider the size of the canvas beforehand. An oil painting on canvas has to be suitable for a given interior. If your gift turns out too small or too big, it might not look as good when hung on the wall.

Artistic compositions suitable for the interior

Art isn’t just about a famous name. You don’t need to limit yourself to the most renowned representatives of cubism or impressionism to choose a fantastic present. What is most stunning about painting prints on canvas are the actual composition, motive, and color scheme. That’s why, if you wish to find a truly original and unique gift, you can always decide on a less known work of art, as long as you think there’s something special about it.

It all depends on your creativity and sense of beauty. You can opt for a landscape which either depicts the charm of nature accurately or is inspired by Fauvism. Other popular, yet extremely different ideas include still nature resembling the paintings of Dutch masters, a child’s drawing with dazzlingly vivid colors, or a captivating portrait. When selecting the design, you should always consider the overall aesthetic of an apartment. Try to find something that matches the interior’s style or color scheme. This way, the oil painting on canvas will seamlessly blend into the space, as if it had always been there.

A wall mural – XXL size artwork

All art lovers will surely appreciate the large format versions of their favorite paintings in the form of wall murals. Among the recent interior design trends, this one definitely stands out as one of the most interesting. Artwork presented in such a large scale looks simply spectacular. Just like in the case of canvas paintings, you can either go for a famous masterpiece or an unknown work of a niche artist. You can achieve the most appealing effect using expressive, abstract designs.

Another potential source of inspiration are action paintings created by freely splashing paint onto canvas. And we cannot forget about geometric compositions derived from Bauhaus, which will beguile any modern art admirer. You need to know the exact dimensions of a wall to buy a mural but you can always get a voucher to a specific home decor store and offer it as your gift.

Wearable art

Paintings are not limited only to canvas. In fact, more and more often they appear also on clothes. Masterpieces by prolific artists are used to decorate T-shirts, sweatshirts, jackets, shoes, and sometimes even purses or bow ties. Clothing companies are competing to offer us the biggest variety of designs and using famous art seems to provide them with almost unlimited possibilities. You’ll easily be able to find something perfect for both men and women, which makes it a very practical idea for a present. Moreover, it’ll allow the lucky receiver to enjoy their favorite painting all day, as long as they’re wearing it. There’s no doubt in our mind that this gift will be an absolute delight for any art lover.

Artistic accessories close at hand

We’ve already mentioned a few incredible ideas, but that’s not all, since we still have a few aces up our sleeve. Although nowadays people use mostly electronic gadgets and every phone has a calendar and a notebook app, some still prefer their traditional alternatives, which never freeze or run out of battery. Stationery accessories such as notebooks, calendars, or folders with famous artworks on the covers are a great gift for an art aficionado. They’re beautiful, useful and practical, so they can often put a smile on the owner’s face. And what if your friend is also a fan of modern technologies? Well, in that case there’s no better gift than a phone case or a laptop sticker depicting their favorite painting or artist.

We mentioned at the very beginning that it might be tough to choose the best idea for a present and we weren’t lying. There are so many possibilities, and all of them look gorgeous. If you’re still struggling to pick something, go for the idea that seems the most practical and remember – there will certainly be more chances to give your loved one a gift in the future! is very grateful to for the images.

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