10 Phrases That Will Make Your Boss Love You

Have you ever wondered why some people easily find a common language with management and take advantage of their position to easily ascend the career ladder, while others, not deprived of talents and skills, remain in lower positions? If you also dream of a quick take-off under the patronage of your boss, you should pay attention to what and how you say. We will not talk about the moral side of this and about your health, this is a personal matter and choice. Geniusbeauty.com talked with HR-managers and found out which phrases said to the management will make your chances of promotion much higher.

“I don’t need a day off!”

It may sound like sarcasm, but you demonstrate that you are ready to sacrifice your rest if you really need it. It’s not accidental that there are so many workaholics who literally sleep with their laptops and even at weekends / on beach holidays / in a labor ward continue to carry out the managers’ instructions and their immediate duties. On the one hand, this is not the best way to affect their well-being, but on the other hand, if you derive emotional pleasure from what you do, why not. After all, one of the great people said that if you find an occupation to your liking, you will not have to work a single day. This is truly correct.

“So much work that I can’t wait to start!”

Employees, who are enthusiastic about fulfilling their duties and come up with brilliant ideas, will always be treated in a special way by the management of the company. Therefore, try not to sit silently in the corner, working quietly and running away as soon as the clock strikes 18.00-19.00. Take the initiative, tell the boss about your ideas, which can be profitable and competitive. And then, believe me, the authorities will appreciate your talents and help you achieve the career heights you have been dreaming of.

“You asked to make this report for tomorrow, but I have already completed it.”

Indeed, why not demonstrate your zeal for work and show that you know how to correctly prioritize the tasks. Most importantly, you will prove that you not only know how to meet deadlines, but also you are in advance of your time, and this is a very valuable quality. Just do not overload yourself, otherwise, you risk getting professional burnout, apathy, and depression. Therefore, take exactly as much as you feel that you will manage, without damage to your health and business reputation.

Also note that it may not be good for your boss to get certain tasks done too fast, especially if your client makes hourly payments for the time spent working. In such cases, it is unprofitable for your boss to have the work completed too quickly.

“I work for an idea rather than for bonuses!”

This “joker card” can help you approach anyone, even the most indecisive boss. The latter, of course, will look for a trick and will try to find out what is wrong with you, since you refuse extra money, but in the end, you will only be glad about such a twist. In most cases, the authorities value such an approach and, in the end, they still reward a dedicated employee (which, of course, only plays into your hands). The main thing is that they cannot take such behavior for granted. What if your boss suddenly decides to stop paying you supposing that you are ready to protect the company’s bright future with bare enthusiasm.

“I have enough experience to cope with the most difficult tasks”

With this phrase, you confirm that you have sufficient knowledge (and competence), so the manager does not have to spend time on your training or, for example, force another employee to show and teach you something. Thereby you make it clear that you are ready to take up the most complex projects and, most importantly, you will be responsible if anything goes wrong. But you know for sure that nothing bad will happen and you will cope with your duties perfectly well.

“I am ready to learn something new”

In other words, you immediately make it clear that you are not among those employees who, at the dawn of their career, learned something important and have been applying these outdated methods in practice ever since. Everything is changing, and progress has gone ahead of time, so why not enjoy the moment and learn something useful that will allow you to stand out from the rest of your colleagues and achieve really impressive results at work? Authorities value the employees who are open and willing to change for the sake of their own development and for the benefit of the company.

“I can find an approach to anyone, even to those who have a complicated character”

This trait is very valuable, so do not be silent about it. The ability to make friends and maintain good relations with everyone is important not only (not so much) in personal life, but at work. After all, situations are different and, let’s say, the company is negotiating with very difficult customers, and the future profit and some employees’ career depend on this process. Therefore, if it turns out that you really know how to find a common language with any person, you will become a very valuable employee for the boss. The one who can be assigned to the most complex and interesting projects (of course, not free of charge).

“I always come early”

Many bosses are really annoyed by the fact that employees allow themselves to be systematically late or fail to appear at the workplace, contriving the circumstances of insuperable force. Of course, you can forgive them once or twice. But what if this happens every day? By the way, you can try to understand them.

Poor discipline and reduced productivity generally create the feeling that such employees simply do not value their management, since they dare to behave in such a way. In order not to join the category of such people, let your boss know that you have no problems with punctuality, you always come a little earlier to have time to do everything exactly on time.

“I strive for certain achievements, so I have a career on top of everything else”

This phrase will help you immediately resolve several problems: “pacify” the boss and convince him that you do not place your personal life above work and that you will not run from one company to another, but will calmly develop and reach career heights in one place. (Of course, your position gives you such an opportunity!). At least you will designate that you responsibly approach your duties and have certain ambitions, which you will realize in the very near future. Believe that the authorities will appreciate such zeal and will regularly provide you with the opportunity to show your talents. Moreover, such workers usually become excellent bosses when the time comes — stubborn, ambitious, strict, but fair.

“Perhaps you will agree to share your invaluable experience with me?”

By saying this, you will not only flatter your boss but also be able to learn from the knowledge and experience that allowed that person to take the leadership position. In addition, if you plan to become a boss one day and manage people wisely, you really will not be bothered by some valuable recommendations on how to behave with the staff to strengthen their positions and not ruin the company. Being a wise leader is a whole art that can be learned and improved over the years.