Unique Proposal Ideas Your Partner Will Never See Coming

The magic has happened and you’ve met the love of your life. You found the perfect engagement ring that makes a bold statement for the occasion and you’re ready to seal the deal.

This person is the one you want to spend the rest of your days with — and of course, you want your proposal to be something you’ll both remember forever.

It can feel impossible to think of the right way to ask those four life-changing words. Although there are plenty of ideas floating around online, how can you possibly choose the best way to propose?

I’ll admit that I’ve watched my share of YouTube videos that depict elaborate wedding proposals. People have rented an entire movie theater or flash mob-danced through New York’s Central Park.

Every approach to a marriage proposal was unique and heartwarming; you couldn’t help but cry. If you’re hoping to surprise your partner with a unique proposal idea, we can help you there.

Check out these various ways you might go about popping the big question.

Get Family and Friends Involved

Whether you have a large extended family or a close inner group of friends, get them involved in your big day. It’s an opportunity to be surrounded by the people you love most during one of your greatest, special moments.

This way, after the proposal, you can immediately have an engagement party to celebrate with everyone who is already present. A fun way would be to have music playing and each of your friends hold a card that says a different word.

Or maybe every member of your family who’s there holds a candle that leads to a path on the beach where you propose. If you and your partner have a child together, this could be an incredibly sweet way to finally tie the knot by allowing the tiniest member of your family to hold the ring.

Go On a Spontaneous Trip

Nothing can be more unexpected than a random trip to somewhere unknown. Jump in the car and take a road trip into the mountains. Book a cheap flight to a completely new city neither of you has ever seen.

Go on a three-day cruise and sit beachside in the Bahamas. Give the pair of you some alone-time together on a romantic rendezvous so you can make the move!

Here’s a tip to go the extra mile. You’ll definitely want to hire a photographer or videographer for the big day who can take secret videos or photos of the proposal.

Shots of your future spouse in complete shock, excitement, and even a few tears will make for a memory you both can relish forever.

Set Up a Scavenger Hunt

This one is an absolute blast to put together. You can turn the proposal into an entire day of fun for your partner.

Be as elaborate or as simple as you like, but make sure to include a few of your closest friends or family members in on the plan to help you be the “keeper of the clues.”

Lead your mate to various spots you went on dates or treat them to something special along the way. The last and final spot will be that very special place where you decided to propose.

We promise they will never forget a full day of fun, adventure, and memories. They’ll also be extra appreciative of all of the work you put into it!

The most important thing to remember is to envision your special someone and you as a unit. What is something that’s unique to both of you?

Because what one person does for a big proposal may not be what your soon-to-be-fiancè(e) would want at the end of the day. Whatever you decide, make your proposal special. This is a moment you won’t ever forget.

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