How to Reduce Stress in 3 Minutes?

Too much bad news leads to stress. There are a few simple steps you can take to reduce stress.

If stress comes suddenly and at the wrong time, what will help to get over it? We’ve jotted down three expert tips that are sure to help you calm down in minutes.

1. Write down everything that hurts

If you are falling into an abyss of urgent matters and you do not know where to start to cope with them, grab a pen and write down everything that needs to be done on a piece of paper, in any order. Choose a larger sheet, hang it on the wall, and whenever you remember what to add to the list, do it.

Get creative – use colored markers to indicate the importance of the tasks and the desired sequence. Cross out what you have already done – you will be pleased to do it, you will see. The same can be done in an app or on the online list.

There is a little tip to all women who experience a constant lack of time and, therefore, a chronic stress. Do not spend more than 5 minutes on makeup. It’s not worth it!

No one who meets you during the day will appreciate the naturalness of your skin tone and the curliness of your eyelashes. If you are not going to perform on TV or get married today, do not waste precious time on a perfect make-up.

Through trial and error, figure out the perfect shade of lipstick, paint your lips in the elevator, smile in the mirror – and off you go. Stress will die without being born.

2. Shake off the problems

For those who are worried about anxiety or regular stress, we recommend a simple and effective exercise, the meaning of which is hidden in the lyrics of the song by Taylor Swift: shake it off.

Say out loud everything that bothers you, frankly and in simple terms. Take a moment’s break, stay quiet to get aware of what was said – and then shake it all off your mind. Literally, shake your hands, head, the whole body, jump, and perform a ritual dance. Unleash yourself while no one is looking at you.

Alternatively, if you like to write painful things on paper, jot down everything that bothers you – in the same style, without embellishing or ennobling the text. Then tear or burn the piece of paper and flush what’s left of it down the toilet. This is a kind of practical magic that is great for freeing your head.

3. Wash your hands

Many people seek help in doing sports – jogging, yoga, aerobics. Even a slow walk for 15-20 minutes can work wonders and help put everything in place in your head. But you’ve already heard these tips.

Here’s another super trick: use hand cream. As soon as you feel that an attack of anxiety or panic begins, take a deep breath and go to wash your hands.

You need to do this for a long time, thoughtfully. Afterwards, slowly apply cream to your hands. At the same time, you should repeat a voluntary soothing mantra, for example:

“It will not destroy you, nothing will destroy you, and even if you screw it up, you will be understood and no one will hurt you.”

As silly as it sounds, it works. A “hygienic” pause restores the heartbeat and the ability to think clearly – even such little things can return us to an adequate state.

In addition, to relieve stress in a few minutes, we can always count on deep breathing.

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