How to Prevent Seasonal Skin Issues?

The skin is particularly stressed during the cold season. It is highly important to prevent seasonal skin issues. The frost and wind are all to blame for causing discomfort; batteries dry the air greatly, affecting our skin just like constant temperature drops do. As a result, it often begins to peel off or becomes red – as you know, this leads to the premature appearance of wrinkles and just gives unpleasant sensations.

Moisturize your skin

It is always important to moisturize the skin – this is a real salvation for it, which can greatly prolong youth. This is especially important in winter because the skin is under enormous stress in frosty weather — exchange ethyl alcohol toner for more gentle hydrating options. The main thing is to apply a cream or tonic at least an hour before leaving the house.

Sun protection

Even though it seems to us that the sun comes out from behind the clouds so rarely in the cold season, it is not necessary to protect the skin from it. Ultraviolet light is dangerous not only in summer but also in winter, and its effect worsens skin conditions and accelerates aging. Therefore, even in winter, do not forget about cream with at least SPF20 protection.

Wind protection

Do not forget to protect your skin from the wind. Oddly enough, a good layer of makeup – a primer, foundation, and powder – can help. They create an artificial wind barrier that protects the skin from damage.

Makeup protects your skin, too

If you are not ready to cover your skin with a foundation layer, cold creams are the ideal solution. Among other things, they contain wax, which creates an invisible film on the skin. It protects the skin from all kinds of damage, including wind.

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