How to Look Young at 50?

US scientists believe they have revealed the genetic secret of beauty that is not influenced by the merciless passage of time. For example, “happy genes” are found in the 50-year-old model Yasmin Le Bon, who looks the same age as her daughter.


When looking at a picture of Yasmin Le Bon together with her daughter Amber, hardly anyone would ever think that these are a mother and daughter with the age difference of 25 years. Yasmin belongs to the category of those lucky people who have a unique antidote to aging at the genetic level.

Science has long suspected that the difference in the speed of aging processes in different people is explained by genes. Now the genetic code has been revealed by the scientists from the Harvard School of Public Health and Massachusetts General Hospital. The researchers have analyzed approximately 20,000 human genes and found genetic “fingerprints” among the women who had differences in 2,000 genes.

We all have a set of these genes, but the researchers found that the difference lies in how much they are expressed in the skin. Perhaps, the scientific discovery will be used in the cosmetic industry, which will start creating the products aimed at increasing the expression of these genes in the body.

According to the head of research at the Procter and Gamble Corporation, Dr. Rosemary Osborne, the unique genetic characteristics of people with unusual ageless skin are the key to successful aging. Deciphering these codes and understanding why they behave in different ways will help more women achieve the effect of youthful skin at different stages of their life.

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