Foods to Avoid before Workouts

Experts have compiled a list of foods that deprive the body of the ability to withstand intense physical activity. These foods should be avoided by those who go to the gym.


You’ve heard it before, and you will hear this one more time now: the body is a machine. If you give it the right foods, it is working properly, coping with high physical activity, including exercises in the gym or long-distance running. If the set of products is incorrect, it just stops, deprived of the necessary “fuel”. Here are the products that will quickly lead to “wearing out the equipment.”


Milk contains sugars that are digested slowly, which may cause stomach disorders in some people involved in sports. The same applies to yogurt, but the 2% yogurt is a great food for recovery after training as it provides the necessary amount of human proteins, fats and carbohydrates.


This is the most obvious thing that you should immediately get rid of if you have a workout. Because of the intense physical exertion, the human nervous system requires coordination and activation of muscle fibers. Caffeine is able to strengthen this process, but alcohol slows it down.


The purpose of taking foods rich in carbohydrates is to increase the amount of glycogen in the muscles, that is, to provide us with the necessary fuel for getting energy. However, excessive amounts of carbohydrates in the diet lead to the opposite effect, and instead of increasing the energy level we are faced with its decline.

Low-calorie foods and beverages

Any kind of “light soda” contains artificial sweeteners that are not digested by the body and produce a relaxing effect. These foods and drinks include soda, water enriched with vitamins, energy drinks, and some protein bars that contain warning signs about their potential ability to interfere with the intestine performance.

Nuts and dried fruits

They seem to be a good choice for those who have long-lasting loads. Nuts, seeds and dried fruits are high in fiber. However, fiber is very often the cause of intestinal disorders, if we take this food immediately prior to physical activity.

Fried foods

Containing large amounts of fat, these foods are incredibly slow at moving through the digestive tract. Our body finds it very difficult to break down fat molecules, so it uses a lot of energy, which is required for exercise as well.


Avocado contains many impressive and useful nutrients, but also fiber and fat, which are not needed before going to the gym. Leave this fruit for the stage of recovery after the workout.

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