How to Detoxify Your Body?

Regular colon cleansings are needless and can even be harmful to healthy people.


The Colon Facts & Detox

The colon is a complete digestive organ. This organ is inhabited by beneficial microorganisms that are capable of producing biologically active substances, and by individual components that are involved in the final digestion of food.

Don’t Rush for Colon Cleansing Therapy

When the useful microflora is constantly washed away, subtle mechanisms of the colon are broken. Moreover, if you frequently use enemas, you will not be able to go to the toilet without them soon enough.

Colon Hydrotherapy Cons

Colon hydrotherapy is actually an advanced and high-tech type of enema. This procedure is even more harmful to the colon, since flushing occurs at a deeper level. The most dangerous thing is that colon hydrotherapy treatment is currently becoming fashionable, though it is often conducted by non-professionals, without any prior examining, in holiday homes and SPA-salons. Meanwhile, the procedure should be prescribed by a gastroenterologist, and one needs to consult a proctologist before hydrotherapy. The procedure must be conducted by a professional proctologist endoscopist.

Fasting to Detoxify the Body

If you have a strong desire to detoxify your body, do not follow the advice to drink kerosene and forget about enemas. In general, nutritionists believe that there are no universal ways to remove unnecessary metabolic products, except fasting. However, it is a fairly dangerous method. Fasting can only be useful to very healthy people, who hardly need to detoxify their body, and it should be done under the supervision of an expert.

How to Detoxify the Body Correctly?

The most reasonable way is to pass medical tests: they can show what is wrong with the body. Consult your doctor and develop a schedule of your actions. Experts think that the best way is not just to clean the body, but to prevent its “intoxication” as a result of gross violations of metabolism. The simplest and most obvious way to do it is just to mind the system of food consumption and remember about the dangers of preservatives, fast food and sweets.

SPA Detox

It is not only the gastro-intestinal tract which can be chosen as the way to detoxify the body. SPA-procedures, such as lymphatic drainage and body wraps, could be considered a rightful cleansing procedure. For example, one can use seaweed, kelp, fucus, or clay. Clay and seaweed can also act as sorbents, helping the skin to remove the products of metabolism.

Visit a Sauna

Doctors praise a sauna and a phytocask. The skin performs a part of kidney work in a sauna: the more you to sweat, the more unnecessary substances are removed from the body.

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