High Heels & Health Problems

Are high-heeled shoes worth such suffering, which women expose themselves to? The researchers found that the majority of women start feeling pain within an hour of wearing such shoes, and 90% are thereafter confronted with health caused by heels.

High-Heeled Shoes

The College of Podiatry in surveyed 2,000 people in Britain, as well as 60 podiatrists and pedicure masters. The findings were surprising. 1 hour and 6 minutes is the average time of wearing high-heeled shoes, after which women start suffering pain. And in 20% of cases unpleasant sensations occur within 10 minutes after dancing in high-heeled shoes.

Podiatry consultant Mike O’Neill warns that wearing tight shoes can cause long-term health problems, including arthritis, stress (fatigue) fractures, and nerve damage. In the future, these women may need injections of steroids. Dr. O’Neill says that women deliberately sacrifice their health for the sake of fashion. And the higher the heel, the greater the load on the front of the foot, and the more a woman should bend backwards to keep her balance. And it has a compression effect on the spine and affects the position of the pelvis.

In addition, constant pressure on the toes causes a variety of disorders and defects, including ingrown nails, corns, and very painful bursitis. According to the researchers, 20% of women at nightclubs prefer to dance barefoot, if they have the opportunity. A third of the ladies on the way home take of their high-heeled shoes to walk barefoot. This is the only way they can feel welcome relief at the end of the day.