The Happiness Formula

If you belong with those who believe that happiness is a tenuous thing, not to be expressed exactly in any way – especially a mathematical one – you will be badly shaken, for there’s a scientist who came up with an expression of happiness nicely wrapped up in a formula.

Happy woman

Dr. Todd Kashdan is the worthy professor who has been studying the elusive subject of human happiness for years, and his research brought him up to a formula he dubbed the Feel Good Formula. It comprises six factors in what he calculated as the best combination possible.

Dr. Kashdan’s factors, guaranteed to boost up delight, are as follows:

  1. Live here and now, for this moment only, designated as M. Learn to enjoy everything that surrounds you, smells, sights, and keep reminding yourself to be fully aware of what is around you.
  2. Display curiosity about everything – C. At least once a day look into what is unfamiliar and seems strange, try and understand deeper meanings of things and events.
  3. Find an occupation that you would love doing – L. You occupation must be a source of excitement for you and bring the feeling of meaning. Actually, it’s better to take pleasure at work and at play daily.
  4. Be considerate, think of other people – T. At least five times a day make a compliment, listen somebody out, do a good turn. Find enjoyment in doing good and realizing how much others appreciate it.
  5. Cultivate relationships, nurture them – N. Every day find time for your partner, relation or friend, twice at least. Scientists say that every really happy person maintains close healthy relationship with someone.
  6. Care for your body well – B. It doesn’t mean you have to sweat to maintain a mythical perfect shape, it’s about healthy eating and exercising for about 30 minutes daily.

And the formula itself runs like this: Feeling Good = (Mx16 + Cx1 + Lx2) + (Tx5 + Nx2 + Bx33).

Dr. Kashdan, who previously published a book entitled ‘Curious? Discover the Missing Ingredient to a Fulfilling Life’, has been into the subject for many years, exploring the deepest secrets of British enjoyment. His nation-embracing research resulted in this equation made up from what he calls “happiness six.” At first sight it may seem ridiculous to squeeze the divine sensation into a jumble of letters and figures, but the good doctor avers the prescription works perfectly.

Of course feeling fine springs up from a very complex combination of subjective aspects, Dr. Kashdan admits, nevertheless, once you observe the formula carefully, you will find yourself well on the way to happiness!

Every ingredient may take a bit of evolvement, true, but the reward ought to be the most wonderful one you ever strived for.

Research done by Transform reveals that Britain needs some buoying up, and Dr. Kashdan says he feels being on a great “mission to inspire a more upbeat Britain.”

In the expert opinion of Steven Taylor, Marketing Director at Transform Cosmetic Surgery, the company is “delighted” to be working with Dr. Kashdan on the Feel Good Campaign. The resulting formula is a great proof of the fruitfulness of their joint research, he added. It is expected to bring about good spirits and more smiling faces in the UK.