The Healthiest Foods According to Forbes

Berries, nuts and beans are considered as the healthiest foods on Earth; they are included in daily diet of all people with remarkable longevity. Blood pressure lowering pomegranate juice, which is also capable to prevent cancer cells from further development, was named ‘natural Viagra’.

Berries and Nuts

The Forbes magazine refutes attitude of authors of several meat-free diets and states that natural meat bred on green pastures claims to be one of the healthiest foods for the human body.

Sources of the most vitally important substances for our body include fresh milk and eggs, as well as ocean salmon.

According to the magazine, our nature yields no useless vegetables, where white cabbage, Brussels sprouts and broccoli stand out as the healthiest. Tested and tasted throughout mankind’s long-term experience, apple tops fruit preferences’ list of the Forbes.

Of course, onion and garlic are a must to those who are concerned about longevity. Green tea, an acknowledged elixir of health and youth, ranks first among beverages.

It should be noted that to preserve nutritional value and healing properties all the above mentioned food without any exception are to be consumed rare and fresh or after a minimum cooking.

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