10 Steps to Longevity

Old Woman Kissing Old ManIn order to live longer you should give up smoking and do your morning exercises daily, right? But not! The latest studies show: longevity has a more cheerful recipe. Though a human body can live about 150 years genetically, our lives are much shorter. An average Japanese lives till 79 years, while Nigerians and Somalis hardly last out till the age of 47. Experts have analyzed the experience of long-living people and have elaborated 10 rules, which can help to prolong your life.

Longevity Rule 1. Don’t Overeat

If you don’t labor or work out at a gym four times a week, 2000 calories a day are enough for you. Thus you will relieve your cells and support their activity.

Longevity Rule 2. Your Diet Should Correspond to Your Age

30-year old women will have their wrinkles later, if they regularly eat nuts and sometimes liver. People older than 40 should consume enough beta-carotene contained in carrots and other yellow, orange and red fruits and vegetables. For those after 50, calcium is good for the bones and magnesium – for the heart. Men after 40 need selenium contained in cheese and kidneys – this mineral help cope with stress. Men after 50 should eat plenty of fish, as it protects heart and blood vessels.

Longevity Rule 3. Don’t Hurry to Retire on a Pension

Those who don’t work look on average 5 years older than they actually are. By the way, some professions help in looking younger. Among long-living people there are lots of bandmasters, philosophers, painters and priests.

Longevity Rule 4. Sex Makes You Younger

During a sexual intercourse your organism is producing endorphins, the hormones of happiness, which improve the immunity. Those who have sex twice a week look on average 14 years younger than their peers.

Longevity Rule 5. Be Optimistic

Don’t feel depressed and don’t give up. Doctors have no doubt: optimists live longer.

Longevity Rule 6. Move More and Go in for Sports

Even several minutes of sport a day would make your life longer. Sport stimulates the growth hormone, which secretion significantly reduces after 30.

Longevity Rule 7. Sleep in a Cool Room

Those who sleep in a cool room (+17-18 C or 62-64 F), stays young longer, as metabolism and aging depend on the ambient temperature.

Longevity Rule 8. Have Positive Emotions

Try to have as much positive emotions as possible. How? Treat yourself to pleasures from time to time: a big piece of cake, a party with friends lasting until the morning, dancing till one drops – all this makes you live longer.

Longevity Rule 9. Don’t Suppress Anger

Let your anger puff, as about 64% of all cancer patients have always suppressed anger.

Longevity Rule 10. Make Your Brain Work

Solve crosswords and riddles (you can visit the Mental Beauty section for this), read a lot, study foreign languages, do mental arithmetic. Make your brains work actively, as this lets you keep your head fresh and also activates cardiac performance, blood flow and metabolism.

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