Getting Perfect Summer Ready Legs


After months of being wrapped up against the cold, most people are over the moon that warm weather is here again. And you don’t even have to go to the beach to see that most people are wearing more skin than textile these days. For most the clothing of summer promises cool and refreshing freedom. But if you’re not comfortable with the state of your legs, we’ve amassed a couple of tips to get your legs looking their summer best!


As we are so often told: exercise, exercise, exercise! Be careful about which sports you do, when you’ve got your legs in mind keep in mind that if you’re trying to avoid blemishes like varicose veins or more serious knee problems, you’ll be wanting to practice low impact sports like swimming cycling, yoga and walking (and not high impact sports like running, racquet sports, and martial arts). Sport doesn’t always mean heading down to the gym either., for example, has quick and easy poses that you incorporate into your morning and evening routines to tone your legs.

Varicose veins are often one of the more persistent reasons people are uncomfortable showing their legs. But with the problem affecting 1-in-5 men and 1-in-3 women, that shouldn’t be the case. Usually it’s prolonged periods of sitting or standing that creates varicose veins, so remember to vary your routine and to stand up or sit down every hour or so. Any increased pressure on veins, such as that caused from high-impact sports or even obesity and pregnancy, should be avoided where possible. If it’s not too hot out, consider wearing compression stockings to reduce your chances of varicose veins. In summer months, when compressing stockings aren’t an option you may consider using herbs and natural supplements, such as pine bark and grape seed. Books like Michael Castleman’s ‘The New Healing Herbs’ provides helpful tips and insights into natural, age-old remedies to such perennial problems. Regardless of what the season though, remember to drink water! This oft-repeated advice isn’t oft-repeated enough! Staying hydrated reduced the internal pressure to veins and prevents them from having to work too hard.

If you’ve tried changing your diet and clothing and done the exercises but still can’t shift those varicose veins, don’t give up hope just yet! There are a number of proven medical procedure’s available. With a success rate of just under 99 per cent and a skilled surgeon able to remove 90 per cent of varicose veins, non-invasive heat-based techniques have been industry favorites for years. London-based vascular surgeon Eddie Chaloner, a UK pioneer of endovenous laser surgery, prefers this method and does it outpatient at his clinic in London.

But if you’re lucky enough at the your biggest issue isn’t leaky veins but snow-white legs, you’ll probably be wanting spend time in the sun and get that bronze that we all love. With some of the body’s thickest skin on the legs it’s not always easy to get them tan. Keeping them moisturized with lotions and avoiding things that dry them out, such as bar soap, will help prolong the tan. And remember that shaving exfoliates and removes a top layer of skin, so as far as hair removal is concerned you might want to consider waxing instead of shaving until you’re satisfied with your tan!

Being cooped up and drowning in layers of thick clothes for months on end, means that most of us don’t want to be sitting inside during the glorious weather. With so many options for getting your legs looking their fittest, if you find yourself sitting on the sofa instead of walking in the park, cycling in the hills and lounging on the beach, don’t blame your legs!