Fall Depression Is Healthy

German scientists claim that autumn depression of which many of us are susceptible to is not at all a disease but a reboot of the body in preparation for the long winter – The Psychological Science journal wrote.


Nevertheless, we are talking certainly not about clinical depressive disorder, but about a decline of mood and light sadness that come with the autumn. So, psychologists from Germany claim that the autumn spleen, general lethargy and sleepiness are nothing but just the desire of the human body to conserve and save energy before the cold season.

In addition, as the specialists noted, in the state of seasonal depression, the human brain experiences active work on sorting out accumulated information, understanding various issues and summing up the emotional results of the year. Psychologists believe that it is in the autumn depression that one comes to understand that something need to be changed in life, and if we rationally and pragmatically approach the seasonal spleen, we can learn from it a lot of new plans for future life.

As an example, the scientists give the works of great writers Thomas Mann and Erich Maria Remarque who being subject to emotional fluctuations depending on the season, their best works were written just at the time of the fall depression.

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