Does The Hair Become Thicker After Shaving?


Not all girls like using shaving razors for hair removal. It is believed that the hair becomes much thicker after shaving. That is why some people believe that shaving should only be used as a last resort. After all, shaving is in fact one of the most effective, and most importantly, painless methods of hair removal. Are those who discriminate against shaving right?

Shaving, razor

Here is the answer to the question: does the hair become thicker after shaving? Shaving DOES NOT make hair thicker! This is just a visible effect. The fact is that when hair grows, it has a conic tip, which makes it visually thin. And when hair is shaved, the shape of the tip is changed, it becomes blunt, which makes it visually thicker.

After shaving, the hair also does not become rougher. It simply becomes shorter, and this deprives it of its former elasticity.

So do not give up shaving procedure, it does not damage the hair. You would agree that waxing is too painful, and you can safely transfer to shaving during winter.

Source of the image: Life123.