Can You Gain Excess Weight by Drinking Beer?

The myth that drinking beer leads to overweight is busted. The doctors have reached a conclusion that if one chooses the “right” heady drink and does not take fat appetizers after it, gaining excess weight is impossible.

Glass of beer

That is exactly what the dietitians from the University of Barcelona, Barcelona Hospital, and King Carlos III Institute of Health think. They have found out an accurately calculated and objectively useful dose of beer. It equals an English pint (about 570 g) of ale or beer. However, the experts claim this norm should be followed every day.

The scientists assert that half a liter of beer a day can bring the pressure down, neutralize diabetes, and help lose excess weight. According to the experts’ explanations, beer contains much folic acid, vitamins, ferrum and calcium that protect the heart and blood vessels. All of these health-giving elements easily override the negative influence of beer alcohol.

The pint of beer is known to contain 200 calories. It is equivalent to a cup of latte with milk, so worrying about the figure is pointless.

Earlier, Austrian brewers created a new sort of beer which could improve man’s potency. As the producers inform, such effect was achieved by adding cheese into the drink.

Source of the image: Photl.