What Pets Tell about Their Male Owners

A new intriguing classification of male types has been put forward by Italian magazine Psiche. The article categorizes men by the pets they keep. The authors claim women can go by this classification to assess what sort of partner the man of their choice is going to be.

Man, dog

Men Who Keep Fish

Psychologists say that men who keep aquariums at home are pedantic and fastidious, inclined to look at women from a distance and lead a meditative life.

Men – Rodent Owners

A man who got him a hamster, a rat or a guinea pig is likely to be highly imaginative, economical with his money and tending to turn his home into a veritable warehouse.

Men – Dog Lovers

It is sensitive men who keep dogs, the article’s authors believe. They value friendship and support above everything else, they are sentimental, kind-hearted and love children. Although, psychologists say, it goes only for those who opt for “kind” types of dogs. Whereas men living with truculent dogs are usually despotic, aggressive, strong-headed and never budge an inch.

Cat Lovers

Keepers of cats are weak-willed stick-at-homers, lazy, irresponsible and unable to take decisive steps.

Keepers of Exotic Pets

Men who share their homes with exotic animals are inventive in sex and tend to make their lives and lives of those around them an unceasing festival.

Men Who Go for Insects

If a man has his house crawling with spiders, tarantulas and other ungodly creatures, he is likely to be, according to Psiche, a gloomy bloke prone to depressions, neuroses, at best – an inveterate pessimist who will be pestering his girlfriend with endless whining and complaining.

Source of the image: Countryliving.

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