Brazilian Waxing Causes Infections

More and more cases of bacterial infections among the fans of Brazilian waxing are being observed.

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The procedure causes hundreds of micro skin damages that make it more vulnerable to bacteria. Apart from that, one can also take into account basic lack of adequate disinfection in the salon, as well as re-use of applied wax. Thus, no one can guarantee the hygiene of the procedure.

This statement was the last straw and increased the panic among the women, who are torn apart by the desire to stay healthy and to be perfectly beautiful. The previous drawbacks of the procedure included the necessity to perform waxing every two or three weeks and the serious sum of money one had to pay for it. It is completely unclear where this passion for removing hair from all body parts came from. Before that, the complete absence of body hair was not considered the main attribute of women’s beauty. Especially since it is so bad for health. Do not get us wrong, we do not encourage women to have much hair on their bodies, but one needs to know where to stop. Besides, not all men like complete lack of hair in women.

Wax will never work as it should. Firstly, the hair will still appear with the same intensity. Secondly, it often leads to an effect of ingrown hair. And it happens because of hair structure weakening that makes the creators be proud of the procedure. And thirdly, once they step on the slippery slope of hair removal, some women might have the mania to epilate more and more. They do not accept hair anywhere but on the head, and try epilate it on other body parts. As a result, certain complexes and delusions are being developed, and they lead to bigger costs and nervousness.

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