Less Fatty Chocolate Created

Chocolate is a delicacy that few people can be indifferent to. However, one has to be careful with it because of the large amounts of fat. The chemists from the University of Warwick (UK) finally decided to make the life of sweet tooth people easier.

Less Fatty Chocolate
They have replaced much of the cocoa butter contained in chocolate by fruit juice – namely, small droplets of juice up to 30 micrometers in diameter.

Milk, dark and white chocolate was complemented with orange and cranberry juice. After a series of experiments, they managed to prevent the droplets of juice from falling to the bottom of the container with the chocolate mass. The texture of the chocolate remains the same, and the produced chocolate bar gets a particular fruity taste. The fans of the classic chocolate are by no means disadvantaged: they also get low-fat versions of chocolate (where water with vitamin C is added instead of juice).

The researchers believe that their success is the first step to spread the chocolate, which will not be so fatty. However, it is unclear how soon the new method will be picked up by the producers.

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