The Best Cancer Preventive

Unhappy WomanA study was conducted in Israel which revealed a correlation between painful moments in woman’s life and development of breast cancer. The university Ben-Gurion, Beer-Sheva, Israel, studied 255 females aged under 45. The women shared one thing in common – each of them was diagnosed with breast cancer. The information about those women was compared to the one about 367 healthy women who shared with them the age group. It’s notable, that women diagnosed with cancer had life situations of the similar kind before the disease development.

The results of the study showed apparent connection between painful life events, such as loss of a parent or both parents, relatives, or husband, parents getting divorced when the woman (child) was under 20 years old. The scientists noted that a woman has to go through a number of such painful events in her life for them to result in triggering cancer development. The possibility of such women to develop breast cancer is higher by 62%.

In the course of the study the scientists also discovered much higher depression level with low optimism and happiness level in women diagnosed with breast cancer when compared to healthy women. The scientists suggest that there is a negative correlation between cancer development and depression or lack of happiness in the female’s life. “The happier you are and the more optimism you have in your life, the lower chances of you developing breast cancer” – believes the supervisor of this study.

So, dear ladies, please, don’t be pessimistic and try to find at least one single positive thing in every situation.

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