Are Benign Tumors Dangerous?

Sometimes benign tumors develop in women’s mammary glands. One should pay proper attention to their treatment. We must remember that cancer does not occur by itself, it often occurs on the background of certain pre-cancerous changes. Are benign tumors dangerous?


What Does a Tumor Mean?

The tumor – benign or malignant – is a sign that the body undergoes pathological changes, and they cannot be ignored.

Tumor means excess tissue growth. Tumor is “made up” of cells that have undergone changes, lost their form and inherent qualities. A feature of these cells is that they proliferate uncontrollably – even after the effect of negative factors stopped.

Benign Tumor Structure

The tumor usually consists of two tissue types: the tumor’s own tissue – parenchyma, and the tissue that surrounds the tumor –stroma (it contains blood vessels and nerves feeding the tumor).

Benign tumors grow, but do not penetrate into the surrounding tissue.

How Do Benign Tumors Grow?

Benign tumors grow by certain periods:

  1. the number of cells increases unevenly;
  2. lesions proliferate;
  3. benign tumor appears;
  4. untreated benign tumor degenerates into a malignant one.

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Benign Tumors Characteristics

Benign tumors are characterized by the following properties:

  • cells grow in the normal range;
  • cells do not differ significantly from cells of the surrounding tissue;
  • cells do not grow too fast;
  • cell growth may stop suddenly;
  • the tumor is separated from healthy tissue by a sheath;
  • tumor cells do not spread to other organs;
  • benign tumor is considered a precancerous condition.

Statistics indicate that seven out of ten tumors found in the breast are usually benign.

Benign Tumors Types

All benign tumors are divided into groups:

  • nonproliferative changes (fibrous tissue that makes up ligaments, tendons, and cysts);
  • proliferative changes – with and without cell atypia (new cells grow faster than normal cells, their structure is different from the normal, it contains nuclei).

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Benign tumors which are formed:

  • of the skin epithelium (epithelial tissue) are called papilloma;
  • genital warts – from the epithelium of the mucous membrane;
  • adenoma – from glandular epithelium;
  • lipoma – from adipose tissue;
  • fibroids – from the muscle tissue;
  • fibroid – from connective tissue;
  • osteomas – from the bone.

What Causes Benign Tumors?

No one can fully explain why benign tumors appear. It is believed that human body under the influence of certain factors suffers a genetic breaking. This failure violates the control of cell division and their natural dying (apoptotic).

Benign tumors can be caused by:

  • physical factors, such as intense solar radiation, prolonged exposure to high temperature, tissue trauma, increased radiation;
  • chemicals used in the workplace and at home (incense, tobacco smoke, gasoline);
  • environmental microflora’s effect on the body – viruses that cause chronic diseases (herpes simplex virus, human papillomavirus, human immunodeficiency);
  • violation of body’s defenses (immune system);
  • hormonal background.

Benign tumors are certainly better than malignant ones, but they need to be removed – if the doctors prescribe so.