3 Main Shorts Fashion Trends

Hot August is the right time to show off in flowing dresses, skirts and, of course, short shorts! We will advise you what trendy short you should pay particular attention to in the summer 2013 season, because the heat is in full swing!


1. Flower Prints

Flower prints are a true embodiment of femininity and elegance. Summer shorts with such trendy patterns can be combined with colored shirts, single-color blouses, and crisp white tank tops. The more interesting the pattern is, the brighter your image will be!

2. Geometric Prints

Geometric print is another fashion trend this summer. Choose trendy shorts with simple stripes, and complex multi-colored patterns.


3. Beach Style Shorts

Beach style shorts are also appropriate on city streets! In combination with simple tops and sandals, they look comfortable – restrained but original.


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