8 Reasons Why Your Hair Get Greasy Quickly

Really, the necessity of washing hair very often can sometimes appear a deadly boring chore – but you can’t get around it because you hate having your hair greasy and oily. And though we can fall back on greasy hair hairstyles (some of them are surely very nice), this can hardly be regarded as a good solution to the problem. Many of us would be only too glad to adopt measures that can rid us of that excessive grease. Well, there are no hard-and-fast ones, but there are some factors that could be the cause of the problem. See what will happen if you curb these eight habits and do away with aggravating influences.

Don’t touch your hair a lot

The habit of reaching up to touch your face (and hair) is actually rather harmful to your beauty. As you keep playing with your strands in an attempt to draw attention to yourself or driven by boredom, you keep smearing oils from your fingers onto the hair. If your boyfriend is wont to stroke your hair a lot and you feel it makes you look worse afterward, think of a nice way to discourage him from doing that – especially on the days when you want to look your best.

Don’t wash your hair too often

Of course, washing takes the unpleasant grease off your hair, yet you can get the reverse effect if you overdo it. As you use shampoo on your hair more often than it is necessary, your scalp loses its natural oils and hastens to generate more seeking to maintain the oil balance. Begin to omit washing hair and see if you come up with a better effect. You can cut hair washing down to a couple of times per week if your hair likes it more this way.

Maybe you overdo it with conditioning

Inspect the conditioner you are using. Make sure it isn’t too heavy for the kind of hair you have, it can tire your hair. Grease can amass if you haven’t washed the conditioner out carefully enough. You don’t need to apply conditioner along with the whole length of your hair, you won’t want to have oily roots; it’s quite enough to condition the ends.

Don’t give your hair too much brushing

As you brush your hair too often it may cause more oil being generated, so your hair takes on a nice glossy look, which can soon change to greasy. If you think overbrushing is a habit with you, and you can’t shake it off overnight, concentrate on ends and detangling instead of engaging in a proper brush-up.

Maybe your brush is not very clean

Take a good look at your hairbrush, it can accumulate a lot of dirt: the remainder of all kinds of beauty products, old dandruff, and what about dust! As you get busy with a brush that hasn’t been cleaned for a while, all this stuff gets left on your hair adding to the naturally accumulated dirt.

See if your brush is stuffed with old hairs

For many of us a hairbrush bristling with hairs is a common enough sight, but if your complaint is greasy hair, consider that you keep transferring dirt and grease from old hairs onto your freshly washed strands. A terrible thought.

Examine the products you are using

Have you chosen your hair products with proper care? Are they suitable for your kind of hair? Maybe you will fare better with a lighter formula. If the problem is really serious, don’t go for those that advertise shiny and moist looks designed for dry or dull-looking kinds.

Inspect your scalp for clogging up

As you are using styling products, they tend to build up and clog up your hair. Try detoxing and see what it can do to avoid greasing quickly. Get a clarifying shampoo and use it periodically, especially if you are fond of dry shampoo to make sure you detox after it properly. If you don’t have a product that exfoliates the scalp, get one. In any case, your hair will be healthier for applying all those measures.

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