5 Ways to Stop Making Your Own Life Complicated

In the world where we are constantly on the move, it is difficult to admit that you cannot manage everything. You add more and more goals to the list, your tasks get more numerous – and the energy level is being reduced to zero. There are several ways to stop complicating your life and focus only on what you need:

Burnout1. Do not pursue great achievements

It is not about failing to try to do more, just remember that taking a step back and realizing that you do not have to always strive for anything is normal too. Being able to achieve great goals is undoubtedly the reason for pride, but chasing an ideal life is not very practical, it’s much better to focus on what you have already achieved and strengthened your positions. But if you cannot stand still, just focus on the small tasks that you can do at a time.

  • Prioritize
  • Try to rename the list “I need to do” into “I want to do”
  • Determine the number of goals you can focus on here and now

2. Do not litter your house

A littered house and a littered life are not the same, but your success and productivity depend on how dirty your house is. It does not mean that you should sacrifice each Friday and start general cleaning or worry about the dust under the chest of drawers simply because a successful woman should be tidy, but it’s time to admit that it is much more comfortable to sit on the couch than on a pile of clothes, which is constantly growing.

The idea of getting rid of all the excess is very simple: the cleaner the house, the more space for reflection and new achievements.

  • Get rid of something that you do not use, or let it go
  • Select at least 1 day a week to organize your space
  • Invest in practical decor and storage boxes

3. Do not put up with stress

Wi-fi connection was interrupted, you got into a traffic jam on your way to work, you quarreled with a partner, and there appeared a new serious project at work that requires creativity. The sources of stress are always numerous. In order not to drop everything at once and not to decide that everything in your life is going topsy-turvy, remind yourself that you should not suppress emotions. The best way out for negative thoughts is creativity.

Do something that inspires you: read inspirational quotes, review the photographs reminding you of happy moments, or just listen to music for at least 5 minutes.

  • Start a diary of gratitude and write down what things in your life you are really grateful for
  • Think over your feelings
  • Do not take up more than you have planned

4. Do not look at the phone 24/7

Surfing Facebook all day long is not dangerous for the intellect, but it represents a real threat for productivity and overall well-being. This applies not only to the Internet, but also to the use of electronic devices as such. This is due to the brain’s reaction to the light emitted from the screen – it speeds up fatigue and can cause insomnia.

YouTube and Instagram have recently announced the introduction of new options: the application will notify you that you spend too much time looking at the screen, and it’s worth taking a break. The representatives of these companies said that they wanted to help users deal with this addiction and the reduced attention span.

  • Instead of reading the news, you can choose useful books
  • Before going to bed, put the phone away from the bed
  • Automatically enable the mode without notifications

5. Do not live in the future

The desire to plan the future is a proof that you are becoming emotionally mature. However, once you think that you have finally got what you want in your career, the thought arises that you can possibly afford to have a dog. Questions about your future are worth asking – you need to find the answers. Yet, living in the future is always dangerous, you risk not having the time to “live”. In order to concentrate on what you have today, pay more attention to how you feel instead of what you will be like in future.

  • Pay attention to the current tasks
  • Rejoice and celebrate yourself and your achievements
  • Do not hurry to get everything at once



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