Interior Items You Should Throw Away

You will be surprised, but the older you get, the more responsible you must be while choosing the things that will surround you. Psychologists say that the more harmoniously you select the interior details, the happier and more confident you will feel. We have compiled the ranked list of items that are simply unacceptable at home if you do not want to become famous for your bad taste and lack of manners.

Plastic (garden) furniture

Who would think of keeping plastic furniture at home? It turns out that there are individuals who do not see anything wrong about arranging cheap chairs (tables, bookcases, and stools) in their apartment, even though they resemble the interior of a roadside cafe. Interior designers advise against buying all this rubbish. Instead, you should invest in really good-quality, high-quality furniture that can serve not only you but also your children or even grandchildren.

Multicolored posters

At a young age, did you hang pictures of your idols on the walls? Fine! Now, that you have matured, all these colorful posters are not in your home. Such elements of decor look cheap and indicate that in your heart you are still a stubborn teenager. If you really want to decorate your house, look for real paintings in beautiful frames.

White lamps

Who said that white paper lampshades, floor lamps, and wall lamps look stylish? They look cheap, but they do not match the latest fashion. Moreover, according to experts, white lamps (white light) emphasize not only the shortcomings (or lack) of your house repairs but also demonstrate all the imperfections of your skin. Therefore, if you want to appear in front of your loved ones as the best version of yourself, choose a lamp with a soft warm glow.

Frilly photo frames

Photo frames saying “Best friend”, “Love forever”, “The Most Beautiful Girl” or having other similar inscriptions are better to be put in the box and away or given to someone younger. It’s inappropriate for an adult woman to keep such things in her home, and if you can’t give up the pictures on the bedside table, put them in a laconic strict framework that will match your image.

Disposable (plastic) dishes

Of course, this item is familiar to those who do not like to do the washing up after each meal. Psychologists claim that plastic dishes and glasses are possible only if you are planning a field trip or a pool party. In all other cases, it is better to use beautiful crockery, otherwise, you will show your disrespect for the guests. Of course, do not forget how plastic harms the environment.

Old-fashioned TV stand

Experts advise not to litter the space with unnecessary furniture and hang your TV-set on the wall. The size of modern TVs makes it possible to place them anywhere you want. Additional pedestals are an extra place to accumulate dust, dirt and unnecessary things.

A sliding sofa

This piece of furniture is the most terrible invention that can be found in modern apartments. Not only is such a sofa uncomfortable to use, it also spoils the interior and looks very old-fashioned. Psychologists claim that a good bed with a beautiful set of bed linen has a positive effect on your personal life, and folding beds, sliding sofas and inflatable mattresses should be left for students or cottage variations.


“What is wrong about cushions?” – you can ask a very reasonable question. Interior designers claim that the cushions which come with upholstered furniture usually only spoil its aesthetic appearance and do not add charm to your home. So try to get rid of this old-fashioned accessory, and if you really really want to leave a couple of pillows, buy fashionable pillowcases with original prints.

Cheap bedding

Faded, rough and old bedding is unlikely to give charm to your interior and promote your image. Leave synthetic kits for trips out of town or spending the night in a tent and choose high-quality bed linen made from natural fabrics for the house – it is both beautiful and much healthier for you, and it is more pleasant to sleep on.

Bright walls

Remember that contrasting walls were in fashion a few years ago, but now it is better to choose a spacious and concise design, without overloading the space with bright spots. In addition, coloring one wall in some flashy color not only fails to visually make your room larger but, on the contrary, takes away the precious centimeters.

Empty shelves

To have empty shelves and racks is unacceptable, it is considered bad taste, according to interior designers. Therefore, if you really want bookcases and shelving to be present in your home, take the trouble to make them work. For example, you can place your favorite books, vases and other decorative elements on them.

Mugs with ridiculous pictures

Even if your friends or colleagues gave you a few mugs with funny photos (pictures or inscriptions), and you consider them very nice, you should not show them off and thus demonstrate your lack of status. It is better to purchase a tea set that is more suitable for you in terms of age and status. Cute little cups can be taken to your workplace, where they will look quite relevant.

Artificial flowers

Interior designers keep repeating that artificial plants cannot be kept in a house. If you really want to cheer up space, get some unpretentious plants and try to get along with them.

Lack of order and an unmade bed

Experts remind that there is nothing worse than scattered things, dirt and a crumpled bed. Especially if you are trying to expose yourself to others in the most favorable light and demonstrate that you are an excellent hostess. So do not forget to spend a little time cleaning and be sure to make the bed in the morning.

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