Tips to Reap Maximum Benefits from Your Skin Moisturizer

A moisturizer looks simple enough. It typically comes in a tube or jar, and you slather it on the skin once or twice daily. However, have you thought that you could be applying it wrong? If you do not use it appropriately, it could just be as useful as the bottle of multi-vitamins that is well kept in the cupboard and is never opened. In other words, the moisturizer isn’t doing much to help your skin.

Right Application of Moisturizer

When on the other hand, you apply the moisturizer correctly, it goes a long way to boost your skin’s hydration, inhibits flaking as well as dullness. The face moisturiser is essential to hydrate your skin as it facilitates the creation of a protective layer of moisture which lasts throughout the day. The latest research indicates that proper application of face cream can help the ingredients of anti-aging to work better, which increases the chances that they’ll be effective in your body. If you think that you are doing everything perfectly well, you could be surprised that you can do better. Just by adding a few tweaks the routine, you can be sure of getting through winter minus chapped dry skin.

Shop Right

First things first. You cannot expect to benefit from a skin moisturizer that doesn’t do the job right. You’ve probably been told times above number that a face moisturizer is essential to hydrate your skin. You know this pretty clear, but how do you tell that the moisturizer you are buying really works? According to dermatologists, skin hydration is normally catalyzed by ingredients that are known as humectants. They are highly essential for achieving moisturization that lasts longer. Therefore, as you shop for moisturizer or face cream, the humectants you should be looking for entail hyaluronic acid, glycerin, and propylene glycol. A good rule of thumb, therefore, is to check for the ingredients before you buy. Make certain it has at least one of the humectants.

Layer Products Strategically

By layering skin care products that work together using the most effective order, you can get more functional utility from them. The best thing is to commence with products that have the thinnest consistency as you work your way to the ones with the heaviest consistency. In that case, serums should come first, which are followed by oils then creams will go last. Sunscreen is the one exception that should always come last. It wouldn’t be very ideal to let SPF go under any cream or lotion moisturizers. This is because SPF products naturally block skin absorption. Remember you need the moisturizing ingredients to sink in.

Avoid Complete Revamping

The looming winter should not make you want to completely revamp the routine for your skin care. If your current routine works well for you, there’d be no need to change it completely simply because a new season is coming. The rule of thumb is to try testing with other products that take care of seasonal skin issues. A thicker lotion for instance, during winter, can help combat dry skin. And the face moisturiser is essential to hydrate your skin even during winter.

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