5 Main Beauty Procedures That Are Not Trendy Anymore

The modern beauty industry is changing so quickly that trend lists have to be updated with maximum frequency. In our material, we carry out a control update of the current trends in cosmetology and tell you which beauty procedures are already outdated and can leave your wish list.

Taking care of their own beauty, girls often resort to various beauty procedures. But some of them are not only outdated, but also pose a health hazard. Let’s talk about the main ones.

Unnaturally large lips

Several years ago, Instagram models seemed to have announced a competition for the plumpest lips. Today, this trend only brings a smile, and users condescendingly call unnatural features “a duck beak”.

Natural, restrained forms came into fashion. If a girl turns to a beautician to correct the fullness of her lips, the result should be slightly noticeable, not distorting the natural features.

The introduction of a large amount of filler is fraught with not only a comical appearance: it delivers unpleasant sensations, disrupts mimic mobility and can harm health if the body begins to reject a foreign substance.

However, a girl may try to regain her natural features, but it is worth remembering that filler removal is as painful a procedure as its introduction. In addition, filler-degrading enzymes can cause severe allergic reactions. Therefore, it is better not to experiment with the size of the lips and immediately give preference to natural fullness, visiting only trusted specialists.

Aggressive peeling

Medium and deep peeling stimulates cell renewal, triggers collagen production, and makes the face smooth. Girls are ready to endure severe burning, swelling, redness for an impressive result. The procedure really has high efficiency, but it is not recommended to get carried away with it.

In fact, peeling is a controlled burn, and the deeper the acidic preparation penetrates, the higher the health risk. The slightest mistake of a cosmetologist can lead to chronic redness, exacerbate skin diseases, and leave scars.

Deep peeling is such a serious intervention that it is performed under general anesthesia, requires a long recovery and can be recommended once in a lifetime.

Modern specialists are increasingly limited to superficial exposure, which affects only the outer layers of the epidermis. Success is achieved with regular repetition of sessions, while the procedure does not affect the lifestyle and requires minimal maintenance.

Gold threads

Gold threads used to be implanted under the skin to create artificial support for tissues, to tighten the oval, and remove wrinkles. But the use of metal often led to complications: red stripes, seals, and bumps appeared on the face. The implantation required incisions and the procedure was a surgical one.

Lifting remains relevant now, but gold has been replaced by innovative materials: polydioxanone, polycaprolactone, and polylactic acid. All these polymers are not rejected by the body, do not cause allergies, and eventually dissolve without a trace. Additionally, hyaluronic acid is added to the formula, which allows not only to obtain a rejuvenating effect, but also to moisturize the skin from the inside.

Installation of polymer threads is carried out through small punctures under local anesthesia. The session lasts an average of two hours, after which the girl can calmly return to her daily activities. After a few days of simple care, the traces of manipulation disappear completely.

Removal of lumps of Bisha

Lumps of Bisha are fat capsules located in the cheeks. It is believed that removing them helps to highlight the cheekbones, turning the girl into a vamp woman. In reality, one out of five girls gets a visible result: in other cases, the supply of “excess” tissue does not affect the shape of the face. The effectiveness of the manipulation is comparable to the extraction of molars, supposedly making the cheeks rounder.

The real consequences appear after a few years: having lost its natural support, the skin under the cheekbones becomes fallen and saggy, and deep depressions form in place of the formerly graceful relief. From the side, it seems as if the woman has lost her teeth. To restore smoothness, complex operations will be required, since hardware methods will not help you get rid of deep wrinkles.

A specialist who values his reputation will never recommend removing lumps of Bisha – this is a pointless intervention that is dangerous to health and aesthetics. The dream of beautiful cheekbones is best realized with a thread lift. It is safe for the body, does not break facial expressions and keeps the effect for 3-5 years.

Fillers made from non-degradable materials

Fillers have been used in cosmetology for almost half a century. In the first procedures, synthetic materials based on paraffin and silicone were used, a little later – biosynthetic gels from animal collagen.

With the help of fillers, wrinkles and folds can be filled in and facial features can be corrected. But the “older generation” of drugs is not rejected by cells. The body perceives the filler as a foreign body and reacts with allergies, seals, or edema.

These substances can move under the skin and show up in unpredictable locations, which may require immediate medical attention. The gel can be removed exclusively by surgery.

Today, biocompatible drugs are widely used, providing the same soothing effect, but they are gradually absorbed in the tissues. They are not rejected by cells, participate in metabolism, and are on average excreted during a year without any side effects.

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