4 Unhealthiest Style Habits

Of course fashion is an engrossing part of our lives which helps us look our best and put our best legs forward (clad in whatever is currently in). It is exciting to follow and discuss it, even more so – to improvise with it. The thing is, there are hidden pitfalls, insidious factors which can affect diversely some parts of your body or your health in general in the long run. Therefore it seems only sensible to look more closely into some fashion habits to see whether they agree with you – or, on the other hand, provide some reasons for misgivings?


1. Predilection for high heels

As you have undoubtedly heard, wearing heels for a long time can prove very bad for your spine and for the stature in general. When you put your body pressure on the balls of your toes, the body tilts forward making you bend it backward. Thus your spine gets more work than is necessary, which may result in the misplacement of the disks. It will begin with the cramping sensation in the toes and calves, then your hips and back will develop pains. You may not feel the impact of this until months afterwards. Don’t think you look much worse in lower and much more comfortable heels!

2. How heavy is your bag?

If you’re inclined to carry a lot of your things around, you may discover that a well-stuffed bag is another insidious thing in your life. You are likely to have a habit of carrying it on one side and the weight imbalance begins to affect your alignment, making one shoulder more developed and probably setting it a bit lower than the other.

As you keep straining your body to compensate for the imbalance, your back, shoulders and neck may start cricking and get painful. Heed these symptoms to unburden your spine and opt for a smaller bag with fewer objects in it. Let your body feel that you take care of it.

3. Eating little to acquire the skinny fashion look

Are you into fasting seriously trying to achieve that skinny model shape? It could be pretty harmful for your metabolism. If you manage to slow it down it may eventually result in your gaining weight, not losing it. Also, you are more likely to overeat when you decide to indulge.

4. Relying on the YOLO principle

Now this is a motto that can be used to support actions you will hardly be proud of at a later date. When we say that we only live once it doesn’t mean that the remaining part of our life is meant to be devoted to regretting things that we allowed ourselves to do on the spur of the moment just because it seemed exciting back then. The YOLO mentality isn’t supposed to come in opposition to your wellbeing, your wallet or your health.