10 Facts about Human Teeth

Human teeth hold more secrets than we think. American dentists have selected 10 little-known facts relating to teeth and mouth.


1. Early development

Molar teeth begin to form even before the person is born, and not after the loss of baby teeth. Everything that the mother eats and drinks during pregnancy has a direct impact on the health of future molars.

2. Super strength

Tooth enamel is the most durable tissue in people’s body. It has the highest level of minerals – 96%, which is even more than in the bones.

3. Do not bite nails

It’s time to give up the habit of biting nails. After all, this is the moment when friction between the teeth takes place, as if two rocks were rubbing against each other. This habit affects teeth rather than nails.

4. The power of a smile

It is not only in the pictures that the smile looks good; it causes the influx of endorphins, or pleasure hormones. Exactly the same hormones occur in our bodies when looking at babies or dogs.

5. Sugar is the top enemy!

Fizzy drinks and other acidic and sweetened drinks, such as coffee, fruit juices and some energy drinks, cause damage to tooth enamel.

6. White teeth are not the most important thing!

Humanity is obsessed with snow-white Hollywood smiles, but at the end of the day the difference between the natural shade of your teeth and the traces of whitening is clearly visible. The balance between the two colors is the key to an attractive smile.

7. Three stages

During their growth, the teeth pass through three stages. Initially, they are formed under the gums, then there is a crown, and only after that the root is formed to attach the tooth to the jaw.

8. The importance of genes

You can have not just father’s eyes, but his not very healthy teeth as well. Children inherit problems with the oral cavity from their parents, and they may even begin to lose the same teeth.

9. Wisdom teeth lack space

A person evolves, and his/her jaw becomes shorter. Because of this, we have less room for additional wisdom teeth. Most people want to remove them, but some lucky children are born without these teeth.

10. Hard work

Molars – the sixth, seventh and eighth permanent teeth – help bite, chew and hold food. These teeth are the most important workers. Therefore, the people who have these teeth missing lose other teeth faster. That is why it is so important to monitor the health of the teeth.

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